With fame comes responsibility and responsibility is not always recognized. As soon as people start to see something interesting in you, it is important to protect these people making decisions that could be based on false pretenses.

I wanted to dive into the world that goes after the subscriber, the likes and hitting the bell. Nobody is a financial advisor, everything is for fun and entertainment, but subscribers keep on coming in. There is money in YouTube, not important, not important at all, BUT, advertising, donations and COIL are a little extra extra ....

So who are these XRP YouTubers, who are we following, who are we watching daily, WHO is WHO.


I turned to Twitter and asked a whole lot of people about their YouTube Heroes, if any and asked for motivations/ behavior and if their search for more XRP knowledge was satisfied by the person(s) in their screen.....

I did a little research and came with the following list of YouTubers. This list is absolutely not a complete list, but pretty extensive. What came up:

Alex Cobb - 24.000 subs - 520 videos
Bank XRP - 4.900 subs - 126 videos
CKJ - 13.000 subs - 348 videos
Crypto Eri - 10.000 subs - 201 videos
Crypto Espi - 2.000 subs - 102 videos
Crypto Ginger - 7.000 subs - 171 videos
Crypto Twins - 19.400 subs - 82 videos
DM Logic - 12.400 subs - 117 videos
Hodl Report - 2.400 subs - 52 videos
Jungle Inc - 17.000 subs - 180 videos
Kung-Fu Nerd - 13.000 subs - 722 videos
Matt Hamilton - 180 subs - 17 videos
Notorious XRP - 940 subs - 13 videos
Oz Crypto - 4.500 subs - 113 videos
Rob Art - 4.600 subs - 111 videos
Rob Cash - 2.300 subs - 35 videos
Sam I Am - to the Lifeboats - 16.000 subs- 38 videos
XRP Zoo - 1.000 subs - 11 videos

I am probably forgetting that one GREAT YouTuber, you watch every day. I am also apologizing for not including all of them out there. The list is big, and probably small if you look at the whole spectrum. This is only a (re)search by me including reactions on my DM asking for the favorite (crypto) XRP YouTuber.

Seven YouTubers I wanted to mention besides this list and one I forgot to see if this would be picked up (yeah right, what was I thinking)!!!!

Bitcoin Ben - 21.400 subs- 305 videos
Crypto Bitcoin Chris - 17.300 subs- 381 videos
Mitch Ray - 3.600 subs- 162 videos
The Modern Investor - 113.000 subs - 721 videos
The Naughty Investor - 7.300 subs - 472 videos
Thinking Crypto - 29.500 subs - 518 video
Working Money Channel - 12.400 subs - 172 videos

These seven are not XRP driven but all have something to do with it. Later more.

Digital Asset Investor (DAI) - 32.600 subs- 290 videos


I wanted to test all of the people that I DM'ed, and boy was I mistaken. I want to apologize to DAI for choosing him to omit him from this row of YouTubers, but he did get his fair share in over 80% of my messages: you should also include DAI, where is the Digital Asset Investor, eh .... DAI; this resurch (spelled how I received it) is bogus, no DAI ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So, even before I am showing some interesting facts, the beloved DAInvestor got his own paragraph; that makes up for my 'being a tester'.

First of all I have to say something about the people I send a DM to. All will be used anonymous, as I feel the message gets better across putting it without names. I found the people that answered, a huge shout out to you, are knowledgeable, eager to participate and eager to speak positive about 'their' YouTuber. Lady and Gentleman YouTuber, be very happy with YOUR subscribers.

Jumping into the market, to start of with a catchy phrase....

This Blog is not to dis-credit anybody. Myself, I am not a financial advisor and I am not here to give these YouTubers followers and/ or take them away from them. Just putting your name in the positive and ventilate what was written by the XRPCommunity; this is for entertainment purposes only....

The group of YouTubers is big. The XRPCommunity is big so a lot of need for the visual word; all over the world.

First of all let's start with the title of the video. When you type XRP, you get a full list of videos; which amazes me. A comment made is that you can fill all day with watching XRP clips as there are so many. You have to be careful though, as some titles have just been created to attract clicks. EOY predictions in the title attract, but once again, will do better if you have set a track record. Breaking News may be good, but do know there are a lot of people bringing the latest news, the title will hurt your amount of viewers. If it is nothing out of the ordinary viewers will stop watching. It is all about credibility and you have to built it up with content.

Probably what everybody wants to read is who is the most popular. I guess you should go the different channels and see how many subscribers each YouTuber has. Overall, I feel allowed to write that, Alex Cobb, Bank XRP, CKJ, Crypto Eri, DAI, DM Logic, Jungle Inch, Kung-Fu Nerd, Matt Hamilton, Ripple, Sam I Am, The Modern Investor, Bitcoin Ben, Crypto Bitcoin Chris, Mitch Ray were mentioned a lot and probably get the most hours per week by the XRPCommunity. Later, I will also address this, "the time on YouTube".

I would like to make a little division between the different Video Content Makers.

People that are R E A L L Y looking for a deeper dive into Ripple, the Company, are subscribed to: BankXRP, Crypto Eri, Digital Asset Investor and Matt Hamilton. The first and last one dive into the Company (RIPPLE) and explain much more in depth the world of Blockchain. Crypto Eri is well respected for all the Japanese/ Asian content she is sharing with her viewers. DAI is well known for his research and cannot be caught NOT knowing what he is talking about.

If you talk about Personal Emotion in their Video's, you really need to watch Alex Cobb, Bitcoin Ben, DM Logic, KungFuNerd and Sam I am. Alex is seen as "the 18 year old kid explaining the world how it is". Well he definitely knows what he is talking about, that is what I can write about it. The rest, well I can hide behind my responding XRP Community Members. Bitcoin Ben, well who has NOT seen the video regarding XRP and the secret 'source on the phone'. Talking about 'being emotional' ....

DM Logic, has been described as the warm fuzzy man, explaining XRP that even a six year old understands. This is not to belittle the man, but any topic, any difficult question can be translated into understandable words that you could tell your husband/ wife/ family and/ or friends about that are NOT invested in XRP. Whether sitting at home, in his car or outside, don't you have a feeling and talk to the screen: DM, have a coffee with me!!!
Look at that picture ...... Can I get a group hug !!!!

Kung-Fu Nerd, well talking about emotion.... KFN, as he is also referred as, is full of emotion, talks about his life and although I am fully un-biased, I feel I am allowed to write, as I have seen a couple of his video's. Knowledgeable, is not afraid to say what he wants, has hot keys, and takes XRP outside of his house, asking people in the street if they know XRP and if they know a particular rap song:


Viewers favor their YouTube hero. Many of them stream more than once a week and / or upload videos. It means the viewer has to be online all the time to be able to watch everything. It is not out of the ordinary to watch six hours a day ! ! ! !

I was surprised with that number, but instead of music, many people indicated to listen to YouTube; hence six hours a day. Hence, therefore the extensive list of YouTubers and the possibility filling six hours - eight hours a day. I believe that I watch 30 to 45 minutes a day and feel there is not a whole lot of information I am missing. People exceeding 40-60 hours a week, little too much for me, but at least they have the possibility.

If you look at the answers, you can tell people like Jungle Inc. CKJ and Sam I am, to the LifeBoats also. All way over 12.000 Subscribers and have new videos out regularly. Jungle Inc always positive, spreading the knowledge. Who does not enjoy CKJ to talk about XRP. Drinking from his XRP cup, hearing him saying what is happening; that's for sure. And then Sam I am, to the Lifeboats. Many things have been said about this man, has is followers but also his enemies. Man of the conspiracy theory; Bearablyguy and the Riddler have joined him many times as a topic during his show.

Videos coming from all over the world, the great sounds from down under where Oz Crypto is spreading his wealth of information. Matt covering Europe and Crypto Eri finishing her videos with a Sayonara in Japan. the US of course has many YouTubers. If you want to learn about XRP, no problem, it can be done all day long.

If you want to learn something about Crypto as a whole, different coins/ tokens / systems besides XRP, well that is pretty easy too. Crypto Bitcoin Chris keeps us busy, every day, with his news about all the coins. If somebody covers the market, it is Chris. Bitcoin Ben, mentioned him, likes Bitcoin, 'understatement'. Ben is looking for freedom where banks and/ or the government has no say.


TA is done a little different by Mitch Ray. He talks about every coin and talks about them besides Stock. Nice approach and interesting when someone Subscribes and/ or gives a donation.


The Modern Investors, positive approach, daily information regarding the market. Videos are in debt jewels, explaining specific coins with a lot of knowledge, hence the amount of followers.

Through the years I have seen many YouTube clips; going from the Evolution of Dance, to the annoying orange, pandas sneezing, Talent all over the world, card tricks and so on. This year I have probably seen more live videos than in all my other years I have been on this globe.


Asking viewers what they like, live shows definitely are appreciated. They come with 'rules' tho. YouTubers, please pay attention to the comments, live chat, as viewers/ chatters feel more appreciated. The live stream needs to stay on topic and keep flowing. If there are breaks within attention is lost and because of the fierce competition, viewers go to other streams. Ideal length of a live show should not exceed 60 minutes if not kept interesting.

Talking a little about the competition out there. It is too bad that because of particular stands YouTubers are attacked. This bullying should not happen as it is childish and does not help uniting the cryptoworld. We have to help each other a little and if you cannot be positive about a YouTuber, just don't say anything at all. Freedom of speech, I know, but should be positive and constructive.

Makes me write about a nice movement. YouTubers are starting to work together. As time is limited, only 24 hours in one day, YouTubers unite and share YouTube time together. A couple examples we have seen:

Matt Hamilton together with DM Logic, Oz Crypto with Jungle Inc, Crypto Eri hosting for DM Logic, Jungle Inc and Thinking Crypto. We also saw CKJ and Alex Cobb. All interesting shows gives the viewer multiple views in one video.

Then we also have the XRP Zoo. Their format is always more than 3 people. Hosts are James Malpass, KickBoy Triple and (XRP 1000) Bones. These three gentlemen just like to throw little XRP parties on YouTube with guests. We have seen XTRA_HRDCOR_XRP on the show, but SamIAm also joined. I asked for some feedback and December is going to be packed with guests.

This was a little inside the cooperation between YouTube and the (crypto) XRP worlds. Twitter benefits a lot of all the content all Crypto Communities are sharing with each other, but YouTube definitely Crypto wizards on board.

YouTube has something for every Cryptofan and is like an ice-cream: you can have different flavors, mix it up and have specific flavors every time.

If not already, enjoy some videos and if you already enjoy it, show your appreciation for all their work and: