Being the best is not enough.

Apple is the best at smart phones, but they know very well that marketing and getting the word out is a key factor.  It's necessary to persuade buyers!

Like Apple, Ripple has the best product as well; XRP.   It is unrivaled in its use cases as a crypto-currency.  I believe in XRP so strongly that I sometimes have to remind myself that new investors may prefer to learn it for themselves.

I tend to be impatient and sometimes argumentative - I've studied the crypto industry from 2013 onward.  I've seen the new ideas, the new crypto-coins, the recent ICO craze, and the ups and downs of the price movements.  I'm used to these things, and through all of the excitement, I've never lost track of just how amazing XRP is, and how it is currently transforming banking.

But that's me.

What about ignorant people that have just stumbled into crypto investing with Bitcoin?  What about those retail investors who have heard rumors of massive returns, but are too frightened to risk even a small amount of their portfolio on something that they might consider too risky?

Embarrass Yourself Once Per Day

Great advice, right?  I know, it's never easy starting up a conversation with a stranger, or even a family member or friend in some cases, about topics that tend to be more technical and difficult to comprehend. conversation

But try it out.  If we all make a point of having one  conversation per day about XRP with somebody new, or maybe even a group at lunchtime, word will spread across the world faster than you would care to understand!

Importance of Investment Security

We need to be able to talk to these new people, and address what their (and our) concerns might be.  I can tell you honestly that I hesitate to suggest to many of my own friends and family that they get into crypto currency investing, because I know that securing your investment is one of the keys to being successful - in addition to the simple passage of time!

Ripple knows about this concern, and they contracted with BitGo, another Silicon valley startup, to create an enterprise wallet application for IOS (Apple).  This is a great development for potential XRP adoption.

I have yet to give a comprehensive review of this product, but I can tell you that having an easy-to-use, and secure XRP wallet available on an Apple iPhone goes a long way to start having the "XRP talk" with my family and friends! 1

Now About XRP....

First and foremost, explain to your friend (or family member) that they should think of XRP like any other crypto-currency.  At its root, it is a simple store of value, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto-currency.  We have to start somewhere, right?

Now hit them with the exciting stuff!

XRP can also be used by banks and financial institutions as a "bridge asset" for converting from one international currency to another!  Then explain just how big this use case is, and how it can potentially drive the demand for XRP into the billions just from a small amount of banking adoption.  2

Then tell your listener that Ripple has 75 banks operating on their network currently, with the majority of that number signing on in the last eight months! 3

Talk about the performance of XRP compared to other crypto-currencies.  Don't pull any punches - this is where XRP shines bright! 4


Talk about how institutional investors are due to get into the mix in a big way in the third and fourth quarters of 2017. 5

Talk about the speculative prices for XRP in the next year or two as banking adoption and XRP usage progresses. 6

Send Them On Their Way

Last but not least, don't forget to give them the tools to find out more information for themselves!  On the Ripple sub-Reddit, there are three links that are a good starting point: XRPChat is a wonderful place for investors to get unvarnished opinions from others about Ripple and XRP, and the real benefits, comparisons to other cryptos, and market information that they may be craving.

Link to XRPChat

It's also a good forum to get advice on anything regarding fintech and the market in general.  The mind-share at XRPChat is considerable, with over 5,000 active members.

Warn Them about XRP's Reception by Bitcoin Purists

If they encounter some of the negative stereotypes that XRP has had to overcome, they will be more ready to challenge those portrayals if they've had a chance to review the way that company founders respond to them.

One of those most influential members is David Schwartz, the Chief Cryptographer of Ripple.  (His online avatar name is always JoelKatz).

Point them to "JoelKatz" posts - the links are scattered in different places, but I'll provide some of them here:

Parting Thought

Mahatma Gandhi said it best - as XRP Adherents and Believers, we must "be the change we want to see in the world." ghandi_be_the_change

As we bring XRP's message to more and more investors, the trend will continue to grow.  It's the way that we can actively help XRP to achieve mainstream acceptance - as investors, we play a very active role, and never forget that as the velocity of money is sped up, the entire world economy will benefit; not just those of us who own XRP! 7


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