I spend a lot of time on the XRPChat forum, interacting with other XRP investors and discussing our main focus on that site - promoting the development of the XRP community, whether it be increasing the number of investors, or building on Ripple's technology stack.

We Discuss - and Promote - XRP

Promoting XRP is something that the company (Ripple) does good job of - especially to banks and other financial institutions.  In addition, the company has recently been promoting the development of community initiatives and has also participated in Consensus 2017 1 and the Blockchain Expo in Berlin, Germany. 2 These activities serve to promote the adoption of XRP within the retail investment community an addition to their more traditional customers in the banking and financial institution arena.

However, Ripple knows that anybody can use the XRP Ledger; it's open-source.  Anybody can build on it.  So Ripple can't interact with all possible users and developers that have a potential to either buy, use, or develop with XRP.  It's really up to the community to promote all the different and varied use cases that come with the most flexible crypto-currency ever developed.

The Community Does Its Own Thing to Promote XRP

One of the more noteworthy ideas that was brought up recently was an idea to "send XRP to the moon."  While a lot of other crypto-currencies talk about the concept of a "moonshot" for their own currency being worldwide adoption akin to Bitcoin, XRP's adherents know very well that their moonshot has already begun. moonshot

So now we want to capture the attention of the crypto investing public by bringing attention to the one crypto-currency investment with the highest probability of "replacing" Bitcoin's dominance as the lead digital asset used for crypto-currency trading.

As of the date of this writing, between 50 and 100 million dollars flows through the XRP Ledger each day 3, changing hands.  This worldwide demand for XRP has clearly indicated adoption not only by banks (75 now are using Ripple technology) 4, but also by crypto-currency traders.

The Moonshot Promotion

One of our more famous XRPChat moderators - @mercury - heard recently about a program run by Astrobotic - one of the Google X Challengers - whereby individuals or organizations could purchase room in a MoonBox and literally send an item to the surface of the moon. 5

Our plan?  To send at least 2019 XRP to the moon inside the time capsule, representing the year that the MoonBox is supposed to be delivered.  The time capsule will contain the information necessary for anybody that retrieves it to establish an account on the XRP Ledger and claim their found XRPs!

Very quickly, the community proposed that the addressed used for the moonshot be "open" so that all people can contribute to it, and when it is retrieved, it will hold enough donations to fund science research, space travel, or any good acts of mankind.

The only limit is our imagination.

One of our community members pointed out than any donations to that XRP address will, in theory, be traveling to the moon at the speed of light!


If you wish to contribute, send your XRP to the ripple address here: r4nB1PVxPwVBRjiex2kTuvv1Wk1ev28scz

While that address is accessible to @mercury 6, he has stated publicly that it will be tracked to a wallet for use only on the moon shot7 Also, for any updates, please log into XRPChat with your user account (or create one if you don't have one already), and join our "2 the Moon! For Real." club!

While some might chuckle at our antics to "get the word out," my hope is that this stunt will make people realize that XRP has just begun on its journey towards world-wide adoption as the future of money!  

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