This is my first blog post. I have now been a Ripple and XRP enthusiast for more than a year and for me, being a Ripple/XRP fan is like being a fan of a football team. Being an XRP investor makes you feel good, confident and sure, like you did something right, a right choice or move. We all know companies like Amazon, Apple, Google etc. that were proven as great investments and companies, but were they considered great from the beginning? I don't think so. They were all doubtful, in the first years, not knowing if they would really succeed, no matter if you liked the idea or the project of the company, or not. You were investing in a new company that it would either do great or fail and lose everything. But… what really happens with Ripple and especially XRP?

Only (almost) 6 years have passed since they were created and we are seeing huge things day by day. Since the beginning, XRP was faced like a threat to bitcoin and that’s why the FUD started even since then. Ripple with XRP had a great team behind them and they were focused on solving one specific problem which was (and now it is more) a big deal and more importantly, it was a real problem. It was destined to be the new standard of the banking and financial system and not only. Since then, it has developed the most advanced blockchain technology that exists today, having also the best digital asset for payments.

Investing in something that you really like, believe and will give you great returns is a big deal as it can change your life to the better or worse, because if the investment doesn’t turn good then you might lose all your money. Before i invest, after making months of research, i thought “this is not like the other cryptocurrencies. We are talking about a real investment, something that will change the world and will give great returns to the patient people”. Because that’s not an overnight success, but a long-term one. It needs time and everyone that has made the appropriate research knows that. There is not even a reason to check or, worse, worry about the price at least up to 2020.

We all know and have proof of what Ripple and XRP are able to do and we have just seen a glimpse of it. The company is doing a great job since the beginning and they are becoming better and better day by day. A company that knows what it wants, knows where is focused on with a great team that does everything great. Is there any better than that? Behind XRP, there is a great and intelligent community, there is a great and intelligent team and there is a great company. So XRP has all the tools to be the best (and i think it already is for those reasons). And behind this company, there is also this great community, this great team and this great digital asset called XRP. I don’t only think that both Ripple and XRP will do great in the future, but i also believe Ripple can easily become one of the the most valuable companies, if not the most valuable, in the world, because it has all the tools, including especially XRP, to do that. I’m pretty sure in the next 2-5 years we will be talking about the greatest investment of our time.