Ripple offers 3 products: xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Have you really thought which one is the 'strongest', the one that will really make the difference? Of course all these are complementary and the truth is that at this moment, xCurrent is the most used one, but what if we think about the future? What is really Ripple's strongest weapon?

Currently, Ripple has more than 100 Financial Institutions using/testing xCurrent and the number is growing week by week. Removing friction from global payments is the focal point for Ripple. Ripple’s primary customers are financial institutions conducting transactions across borders. But, there is also competition. Recently, Ant Financial launched a blockchain-based cross-border settlement service for consumers. and as the demand and adoption for blockchain technology grows, there will be even more competitors in the near future. Blockchain technology can save on average 30% in costs. This is very good, but what if you can save more and have more benefits?

Here comes xRapid
Dg8e5erVQAAi7Xu-1-xRapid is Ripple’s on-demand liquidity solution that uses the digital asset XRP. We already know that financial institutions using xRapid saw a savings of 40-70 percent compared to what they normally pay foreign exchange brokers. Another very important thing that xRapid does is eliminating the need to preserve liquidity overseas in nostro and vostro accounts that cost too much to small and medium financial institutions. That means that xRapid can free up trillions of dollars that will help the global economy and will have major positive impacts on real people as mentioned by Ripple.

Using blockchain technology to speed up payments and lower costs is very efficient, but what's more efficient is using blockchain along with xRapid to be able to transfer value in seconds. And to use xRapid they must first use xCurrent (refering to banks). That's what all the current competitors lack and future competitors will NOT have. A digital asset designed for enterprise use that can take the place of nostro accounts and offer on-demand liquidity. Ripple has been working for 6 years to create a healthy XRP ecosystem with the proper liquidity and they continue to do so.

Having the best digital asset for payments gives Ripple a great advantage and that's why it is and will be a step ahead from all the others. As previously mentioned, xCurrent is now being used/tested by a great number of financial institutions that grows week by week. This means that there are already many financial institutions waiting to use xRapid and gain the benefit of saving an extra 40-70 percent. But, this can't happen yet because as it has been discussed, regulations must be finalized first. Then and after xRapid goes live, we will see many banks using it as also mentioned by Brad Garlinghouse.
As the XRP ecosystem matures with the time, we will see an increasing volume and thus a price and most importantly, a value increase due to the increased utility.