We know that the crypto market has rallied behind XRP during several notable occasions in the past month, treating it like a safe haven against bets on more risky investments such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, some have noticed a material inverse correlation between Bitcoin / Ethereum, which tend to rise together, and XRP, which is seen as a hedge against the "wild west" of crypto-currency.

XRP has been getting some attention recently.  Its returns since April 1 of this year have been staggering... it's almost approaching a 4,000% return, but the most exciting part of XRP is that it is still early on its innovation adoption life cycle:


So who else has the foresight to invest in XRP?

Investopedia recently released an op-ed piece about Ripple, informing its readership that:

"Ripple has a long way to go, but considering its pace of expansion, one should not shudder at the prospect of buying XPR. Its value is increasing considerably as more and more financial institutions are adopting it or are in the process of adopting it as a payments gateway for transfers and investments. Ripple is also making it to cryptocurrency fund portfolios, which will further strengthen its position.  (source: http://www.investopedia.com/news/ripple-38000-should-you-be-buying/)

International Funds

A recent fund was started in Europe to capitalize on the rapid price increases for the top digital assets in crypto-currency. It's known as the Crypto-currency Fund, and it originates from Zug, Switzerland. Not surprisingly, they've decided to narrow their focus to the top three tokens, and will invest in all three: Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. (source: http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/swiss-crypto-fund-will-focus-xrp-ethereum-bitcoin/)

The Exciting Part

The word on the street is that most of the existing hedge funds are still sitting on the sidelines with crypto! Even with the combined market capitalizations of the top three  crypto-currencies approaching 80 billion, it is staggering to think of what will happen when these mainstream hedge funds start investing on a large scale. (source: http://us.blastingnews.com/business/2017/05/hedge-funds-hesitate-investing-in-bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-despite-fast-growth-001740023.html )

The other question to ask is, which crypto-currency addresses best their fears? The article discussed concerns that the hedge funds managers have with the existing  crypto market:

" Security and risk: Hedge fund managers consider crypto-currencies risky assets mainly because they are vulnerable to hackers and digital theft. Niche asset: Hedge funds consider crypto-currencies as niche assets that cannot yet be seriously considered for large scale investments. Clients: Hedge funds are still finding it difficult to convince their clients to invest in crypto-currencies. Their clients still prefer traditional investments....  "

In my estimation, XRP has a much stronger case of being considered an investment by these hedge fund managers, due to its status as a digital asset from a US-based company that is currently working with banks and other traditional financial institutions.

Mainstream News Sources

Mainstream media is catching on, and their reporters are doing serious investigative journalism that is bringing the promise of Ripple technology out of the shadow of its more flashy crypto-currency brethren.  A recent quote from American Banker is a case in point: "Ripple doesn't just want to help banks make cross-border payments. It wants to make the world's assets liquid. If Ripple has its way, it will do more than knock out Swift; it will have found a way to make money move like information." (source: https://www.americanbanker.com/news/inside-ripples-plan-to-make-money-move-as-fast-as-information )

XRP has achieved this reputation through hard work, dedication, ability to pivot and invest resources rapidly with no delay, and the ability to see the big picture ten moves in advance.