It's quite crazy, all this block chain this and that. I was first introduced into Block chain in October or September of 2017. All I knew at the time was Coinbase and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The reasonable person in me decided to buy Litecoin because the higher probability of return. Co workers and I would always be talking about what we are getting and so on and so forth.

Then coin market cap came into the picture and to be honest I was looking for something cheap and good. This brought me to see Ripple (XRP) on the list. Shortly after I joined Twitter and started doing lots and lots of research. I opened a gatehub account and got myself some XRP. Changelly became my best friend because I could transfer LTC to XRP using their site. The more and more I looked into XRP I was blown away by what they are doing and how fricken fast it was! I shared my interest with XRP with coworkers and was quickly given the whole Bitcoin maxilmist speech. This did not discourage me one bit. At this time I had myself spread between Litecoin, Stellar, XRP and Ethereum.

The life changing conversation

I was at a work party and got discussing life, money and opportunities with our Financial VP. He said something that will stick with me forever.
"We are only given 3-4 opportunities in our lifetime, where if we went all in, we would become wealthy"

That very night I converted every single crypto to XRP. Then shortly after the December bull run came and went. During that period I was told that I should cash it all out and my answer was a non hesistant No. They don't realize that I'm in this for the Long haul. I'm in this to see the world change and change my families world as well.

In the meantime I'm enjoying the education of the community and giving back whenever I can. We will change this world a single XRP at a time.