Installing Codius is really easy thanks to this 'Setup a Codius Host From Scratch' post we made. But how do we update it?

It's really simple to update your Codius host my following out little step-by-step process. Thanks to steffenmanden for the info ;)

Step 1:

Connect to your server by SSH (the same way you did when you created your server)

Step 2:

Type the follwing into the terminal window

npm update -i codiusd -g

If you have edited the 'codiusd.service' file before and altered the: CODIUS_XRP_PER_MONTH - This needs to be changed to COST_PER_MONTH.

You can do this by typing:
nano /etc/systemd/system/codiusd.service

eg. Environment="COST_PER_MONTH=7"

Press Ctrl+X to exit.
Press Y to say 'Yes' to save.
Press Enter to accept the default location

Step 3:

Restart the daemon

systemctl daemon-reload

Step 4:

Restart Codiusd

systemctl restart codiusd

Remeber to verify the install has worked correctly by going to the /version endpoint, as described here.