2591700503_3dab3cc080_oSitting at my desk with my feet up drinking what may be a 3rd cup of java with an urge to write, but without direction or purpose. There is so much happening in the Crypto world. With my fingers doing the walking and my brain like a sponge, I flounder through the never ending barrage of Twitter threads overlooking most of the "click bait"... ya know, those so called Crypto news sites that draw us in with stuff like "XRP may yet make it on Coinbase" or Ripple's CEO said this or that. What interests me the most is the interaction I see within the XRPCommunity. Even with the current Bear Market, another story for another time, the sentiment is incredibly upbeat, supportive, fun and helpful.

We truly are blessed. I am tagged in many Twitter threads, some go on for days on end... starting with an XRPCommunity member with some topic of interest that then manifests into a multi chapter Twitterthon with folks chatting about everything under the sun and capturing many things from many people. Sometimes these threads have such a variety it's hard to keep up. You know it's a busy thread when you walk away for 10 minutes and come back to 100 notifications. I will take the time and scroll through them, all the while more and more keep coming.

One of the most interesting things about these threads is we rarely if ever talk about the price of XRP or where the market is at. Those things are plentiful and non stop and mostly just FUD anyway. I attribute this to the fact we know with #0Doubt that XRP will be #1. Instead we have fun and help each other. We learn more from personal interaction within the community than we can from any click bait article or FUD related Twitter threads that flood the sphere. What other Crypto asset community can one find a recipe, a movie recommendation, share family pics, talk about your day at work, get medical advise, make fun of one another or help one another? None other that the XRPCommunity... a place where we all share a common interest and we all contribute in our own special ways... like my wife Patty says... "Spreading peace and love".

Enjoy your day my friends