Day of reckoning is coming i feel it
making a new world is child's play knowing what it takes
Energize your life with ripple as the back bone and xrp as the heart
pumping life in to the new world.
In this Crypto world it is a battle of the best and strongest tec that will win the day.XRP had a great strong xrparmy which now the has the best community of people from all walks of life.This is amazing on so many levels.
the passion and knowledge is out standing the tips some send and games we can play, helps bring us closer.
I can not tell you the xrp strengths as there are posts that show and explain far better then i ever could.
Is just so fast i run 2 screens and some times a laptop, i was sending from one wallet to the other, And took less then 2 seconds.
This one reason i can see why this will be global.Yes this is such a small reason but one that matters to me.
With codius and coil growing I am very sorry to say my maths stating we could hit 420 max with 99 billion xrp. This is wrong Oh so Wrong, i am too scared to try to work out the real target number this could reach.I let you ponder on this for now.
I not new to crypto was a btc miner back in the day but we had a few problems at that time was not much a big deal but now. OH wow is all i can say.
I think most will agree that Oracles are trusted data feeds that send information into the Smart Contract but looking at codius and how well it looks and works will out do ETHE by miles. this is Fact as i bet a lot did not know The founder of Ethe
use hang about at ripple and took some ideas there to make ETHE.
All so The BTC founder like what ripple was doing, Fact
So all in all Ripple will be the next skynet for Money transfers.
Yes i have loaded this with skills sets on x-rapid x-currant codius or coil x-via
soon x-xpring may be x-pool.
Time will tell.
Sorry for being short or boring Bot thinks a lot but putting on paper is harder think to do. Even thow i have my own book but paid Ghost writer to fix what was not correct.
Enjoy your holdings of XRP wish you all the magic numbers you are after !
And hopefully if i do another post be more interesting Just wanted to break my virginity and get on with live.Even thow i posted lots of posts on my web sites but strangely i did not care much as was just after traffic hits