Cross-border payments fueled by XRP have only just began raising eyebrows across the global financial landscape. It comes as no surprise that consumer-level integration is only going to turn heads in tomorrow's content and entertainment space.

This poses the question - what happens when XRP meets a frictionless web supported by Coil?

Imagine a future online content environment, free from nosy advertising and stop-start paywalls. Imagine an Internet where the content you view and the subscription you pay are streamed like micro-packets of data, simultaneously and instantaneously sent from you to the provider and vice versa. Yes you heard right.

Word by word.
Scene by scene.
Song by song.
Pixel by pixel.

Now don't imagine it. Believe it. Because it’s surfacing. It’s pay-as-you-go content with real-time payment settlement, and it’s like nothing you’ve envisaged before - enter Coil’s ‘Web Monetization’ via XRP.

A day in the life
In the field of advertising, archetypes, personas and customer experiences (CX) help clients truly buy into the dream. Clients are able to step into the shoes of their customers for a split moment and experience just how a consumer, like you and me, will use their service to its full potential.

Let’s look to the future and the ‘day in the life’ of a Coil subscriber. A frictionless web experience through the eyes of an individual who consumes and provides content through Coil-enabled websites.


The archetype
Without further adieu, Meet Amy, our archetype example. A 28 year-old fashion designer/entrepreneur working in the heart of the business district. She leads a busy social/work life and is a real content junkie.

Amy’s always on the hunt for an online shopping bargain, but she won’t compromise on quality, especially when it comes to content that plays a vital role in her everyday work and personal life.

Amy’s day
Amy’s up and out of bed already owning the streets on her morning run. She’s driven by her music so she begins streaming her ‘work-out’ Spotify playlist. As she powers through her favourite tracks and the morning traffic, her smartphone is only paying for what she listens to. Five and a half tracks should do it, because her stopwatch has belled! And her workout is done.

The coffee’s brewing and Amy’s having a quick bite of toast whilst she browses the gossip section of her favourite online magazine. As she scrolls through the headlines, an enticing article captures her eye. She’s in. Skimming the article, taking in only what she needs and has time for. It’s a good thing her Coil subscription has calculated only the pages she viewed and the time she spent on the article. And she’s off!

Amy’s managed to score a seat on the Subway. Time for some catch-up TV. She’s watched most of the new season of ‘Orange is the new black’ at a friend’s place. One episode to go. Amy pays for it simply by viewing it - rather than paying for a monthly Netflix subscription. Handy.

Into work early. Amy’s jumped straight into a few Medium articles for some design inspiration. It’s work-related, so her work browser pays her donation forward to the authors as she reads their articles. The author also gets an increased donation because Amy is now tweeting the article that has got her attention. It’s a win/win.

The boardroom is packed and it’s time to present her latest findings to the team. Amy throws up a mood board of visuals and videos, these include her favourite upcoming Instagram influencers. Amy donates towards their content as she updates her colleagues on the world's latest fashion trends. Now that’s something.

A late lunch and it’s time for some bite-sized social activity. Amy’s Twitter account is Coil-enabled; that’s a good thing because she only sees the content she wants and no annoying sponsored ads. Her ‘fashionista’ following have RT’d and liked her latest summer piece, so she also receives some extra love through donations that she can settle instantly because it's XRP.

There’s some downtime in the studio. But not for this entrepreneur. Time to share this seasons new line on her small-business blog. It’s her second income, so Amy can be paid by her followers who buy her clothing range, and share it via social channels.

After a long day, Amy’s on the next subway home. More Netflix? Not this time. Amy’s watching a live YouTube stream direct from Milan; her favourite clothing brand. Because Amy is a loyal follower, she receives Coil-enabled donations, not the other way around. Now that’s brand loyalty.

Parked on the sofa with a glass of wine in hand. Amy’s in for some easy watching. She opens Hulu and gets stuck straight into a movie a friend has recommended. Because it been ‘recommended’ Amy doesn't pay full price for her viewing - her payments via Coil are discounted.

Now think of the numbers for just a moment. 117.6 Million+ Netflix subscribers, 20 Million+ US Hulu subscribers, 800 Million+ active Instagram users, 1.57 Billion+ YouTube users that could all potentially subscribe to Coil in the future. Brands will need to rethink and revisit their online business models in order to cater for a new savvy content consumer. And fast.

30 years ago, the Internet left a void in its code for ‘payment of content’. Today, there’s a protocol to fill that void and a digital asset like XRP to facilitate it.

When frictionless money meets a frictionless web, content is as it should be. Fair, easy and quickly consumable. Like the Internet intended it to be.

Welcome to tomorrow's frictionless web.


Disclaimer: The companies used in the ‘Day in the life’ profile have been used for example purposes only. Statistics used are averages gathered from multiple online sources.