First of all, I want to explain to you why I am writing this blog.
I wanted to write so many things, going around in my head, so I tried to keep it clean and simple.
This will be my first(ever) written piece, I hope you will enjoy this few minutes of your precious time.

I am a student, wondering how to make the world function better for all inhabitants.
While you are reading this on the XRP Community Blog, I am sure that somehow, we are connected to have the same vision on at least one step of making the world a better place.
I will try to explain, to all people like you and me, why I believe that XRP is one of the many things that has the possibility to make great progress in this journey.

When we look back to history, there’s always been a big evolution in the economy.
We can say that the world exists, on top of the economy.
The big rulers of the world always care(d) more about economy, than about anything else.
Normal people, like you and me, are just doomed to be a little piece on their chess game.
I always supposed this was true, because so many people told me this since I was young.

Now I am not sure about that anymore, I will tell you why.
As the Internet opened a lot of doors, it opened them for every single person that could connect with it. We can know anything that happens around the world, when we connect with the internet.
Ok, it’s a skill to know what good information is. But still, without this technology, many people in many countries would have been empty-headed because of an abusing leader.

I will take you from this point to the more economical side again.

Banks are controlling the financial world, regulated by the government.
Is this bad? Is this good? Everyone has his own opinion about that, but I can tell you with certainty that it’s not just that easy.

Many people are attracted to invest in Cryptocurrencies, they are attracted because they want a revolution. They want banks and governments to stop controlling their life’s.
I can find myself too in this opinion, so I started investing without really caring in which coins because it was the ‘Change the future’ I wanted to invest in.
I did some research, but I could only conclude there was a big hype, and everyone was just telling what he/she hoped would happen.

After months of research I finally found a way between all FUD and nonsense, it’s not that easy to find the right information about crypto.

While writing this blog, I am sitting at a desk surrounded by banking people.
I am sure, if I tell them the XRP and Ripple story, they wouldn’t even know what the hell I am talking about. Simply because banking people are scared of innovation, they think it will be bad for them at the end.

But why would it be bad? This can be great for both the people and the banks/governments.

This is the point where I wanted to go with this story, I apologize for all this random information again. But I really want you to come with me, following my thoughts on investing in XRP.

The main reason, for me, to invest in XRP is the fact that XRP and the ledger aren’t meant to fight the government and take-over the world and be the only winner in crypto-space.

Why is this my main reason? Because you can’t win a battle with all banks and governments.
They simply would destroy your revolution and your investment.
The way to win this revolution is to convince banks and governments to join the club.
Give them a free entrance ticket, let them taste the flavors of evolution.
They will get attracted and finally they will go with the flow.

XRP is one of the only tokens that is used by these institutions, thanks to the company Ripple. In the next years, more and more banks will start using XRP for cross-border payments.
Meanwhile the Ripple company is trying to reach out to all the remittance companies.
Those are not banks but companies that transfer money for their clients.
For example, if you work in another country, you can use the services to send some money home to your family.
When these companies will work with XRP, those families will have more money at the end.
The fees will be almost nothing and they will receive the money in just a few seconds.

This really is greater than amazing, could you ever imagine this 10 years ago?
All normal working people will get benefits when XRP is getting used to transfer their money.
Well honestly, this is just one of the things that XRP can do.
It’s just the example of one company, building something on top of the XRP ledger.
There’s so many more great projects, like Codius, Wietse Wind’s Tipbot and many more…

Only for those reasons it’s great to invest in XRP for the long run.
If you are someone who wants to invest in a better future and wants an ethical investment, XRP is a great choice. It won’t just disappear like many of the shitcoins will.
This coin has a real use and not just any use. It has one of the best potentials to be used for great, life-changing projects for everybody on this world.

Well, this is my reason to invest in XRP.
This is no financial advice, it’s an opinion from a student with a vision.

The future of the global economy needs to be guarded and stimulated by older and younger generations, all together.