With new 'crypto news' websites popping up daily, including commentary of the one and only so called 'crypto-experts', I felt the urge to share you my opinion.

I can understand it's hard nowadays if you are new to the crypto world to know where to find the best source of information. The problem is: there is no such thing.

First of all, please note that crypto-currency related news websites are not run by government bodies to provide the most accurate and unbiased information. All crypto currency related websites are made by regular joe's, like you and me. With so many people searching for news each day, hoping to find something that can tell them if their investment was good or bad - they seem to be getting a large and undeserved share of the market. These websites are run by people who are involved in cryptocurrencies themselves and try to extend their reach as much as possible, gaining power over a certain asset, to partially control it. With the crypto-sphere covered in shades and shadows, calling an unnamed source for instance usually gets you nowhere in real-news of the real-world, yet in crypto this seems to make it very mysterious and 'more likely' to be true.

Most of the news is made up, opinionated, biased and even news-websites have issues trying to find experts for quotes. Most of the 'claims' they make are actually often unverified and false claims.

You have to picture that cryptocurrencies are like soccer teams. If you would go on the street and ask a fan of Barcelona who is better, Real Madrid or Barca, you probably know the answer without asking. Same goes for 'who is the best team, who has the best players, who is going to become world champion', you know that - when it comes to sports - the least news worthy would be asking a random fan. Yet this is all what is happening in crypto currently. A 'trading fund' that trades in '100 digital currencies' names 2-3 of the biggest currencies a 'scam'. It's obvious they didn't invest in these crypto's, and because they want people to invest in one of their 100 currencies, they hope this can push them towards those.

Everything is a joke, everything is fake, there is no real news. You have to do your own research every time - and whenever someone states 'this is no financial advice' - know that they are about to give you financial advice, they just don't want to be held responsible when it turns out they are wrong.

Crypto news websites are not driven by accuracy, or driven to give you the most unbiased information possible. They are driven by clickbait. Sometimes it pays off to write a complete bullshit and negative post about a coin as it would drive people mad, you get hundreds of free retweets and - best part - other websites will actually copy your story as they 'fomo' in, hoping it would provide them with the same amount of views and tweets.

Just try to do as much research as possible, create your own opinion as everyone has a hidden agenda, everyone invested in some crypto and they will cheer for the ones they invested in and boo on the ones they didn't invest in.