You're wondering if/how you can have the same wallet used more than one moneyd instance?
Then this is the guide for you!

Before we begin, please do NOT use your 'HODL' wallet as your moneyd wallet.
Also ensure the wallet you use has a spare 16 XRP (used in creation of paymentChannel).

If you haven't configured moneyd in any form yet, skip to step 3

Step 1 - Turn everything off:

If you're on a codius host -

systemctl stop nginx
systemctl stop codiusd
systemctl stop moneyd-xrp

If you're using moneyd/codius CLI -
CTRL+C or close the terminal you have open

Step 2 - Remove existing moneyd config:

Feel free to back up the file for extra safety (not shown).
On a linux box (codius hosts or nix CLI) -

find / -name .moneyd.json

My machine found the file in /root/.moneyd.json

rm /root/.moneyd.json (and enter 'Y' when asked for confirmation)

On Windows (CLI only) -
Just find and delete .moneyd.json (probably in C:\users\%YOU%\.moneyd.json)

Step 3 - Install moneyd (first time setups only)

Welcome back first timers! The config will be short and sweet for you guys.

If you haven't already, install moneyd
For codius hosts (this moneyd instance will also work with codius CLI) -

curl --silent --location | bash -
yum install -y nodejs
yum install -y

For client-side CLI -

npm install -g moneyd moneyd-uplink-xrp

Step 4 - Configure moneyd in advanced mode:

moneyd xrp:configure --advanced
  • Just hit Enter for default parent connector (unless you have a preffered ILP connector)
  • Then enter a unique name of character containing [A-Za-z0-9-_~] (NO fullstops!)
  • Enter your wallet secret (private) key.
  • Press Enter to select default Rippled server.

Output should look similar to the following:

? BTP host of parent connector:
? Name to assign to this channel: host1
? Rippled server: wss://

Step 5 - Start services:

Codius hosts -

systemctl start moneyd-xrp
systemctl start codiusd
systemctl start nginx


moneyd xrp:start

Anyone doing a first time setup. You're done!

If you are doing this on a codius host or computer where moneyd was already setup, proceed to the next step to cleanup the old paymentChannel.

Step 6 - Cleanup old paymentChannel if not your first setup:

moneyd xrp:cleanup

There should be two channels appear.

  • Hit Spacebar once to select the first paymentChannel
  • Hit Enter to flag it for removal
fetching channels...
connecting to xrp ledger...
account: rXxxxxxxXxXXXXXxxxxxCALE
balance: 39.004504 XRP
index  destination                         amount (drops)  balance (drops)  expiry
0      rJNa71cLCjzQG68oNjh4fCUqCZSGNkWDrM  10000000        30000               
1      rK6g2UYc4GpQH8DYdPG7wywyQbxkJpQTTN  10000000        0                   

? Select channels to close: 0
Closing channel 57406E035A0171CB35C4491947BF108514F23137B33AC3491D28D8BF370DAD61
[[email protected] ~]#

The removal process takes about an hour. While waiting, you can run the following command to see the expiry time (time until channel can be closed).

moneyd xrp:info

Once the time has expired, you can run the cleanup command again.

moneyd xrp:cleanup

If there are still two channels press Spacebar to select the channel that is flagged ready to close, then Enter to finalize the removal.

  • Note: sometimes the channel is cleaned up automatically after expiry (as once expired, anyone can close the channel). If this is the case, then you are done!

All Done!

From now on each new instance you setup, just run the moneyd xrp:configure --advanced command and use another unique name. Then you won't have to cleanup paymentChannels.