This story has been written for the Community by the Community. More than 170 DM's went out to more than 150 members of the Community, to ask for some details in this story. The Community decided what they wanted to read.

It was the 30th of August, still in time to get the money to his brother in the US; on September 4 he celebrated his birthday, so Ferdi was still doing good timewise. Why did it just take so much time to get money across the world; Europe's mistake, the United States' mistake? "A mistake", that was for sure, so NOT 2018!!! He entered the store with the two yellow letters across the door.

Maybe he would see her again; Ferdi liked her and Tiffany was always so nice to him. He always wanted to ask her on a date, to drink a beer with her, she looks like a lady that loves beer; it just never got to that point.

Western Union is always so busy; man, the money they made with all those international transfers; Almost 5 Euro per money transfer! He smelt her perfume; he knew she was there. He had to grab a number as there were a lot of people, so they would know when it was his turn. Oh nice, 589, not really a meaningful number.


From 589 it just went downhill. A man called his number and Tiffany was just NOT going to happen. Nic stood on his name tag; oh well, looked like a nice dude too. It went pretty Swift, Nic knew his business and 10 minutes later Ferdi stood outside again with a receipt in his pocket. Now he would go home, a good feeling that he transferred the money, and he would go early to bed.

Ferdi left home and went to the train. It would take him 45 minutes to get to work; once again, he was not looking forward to it. Not knowing what was going to happen that beautiful morning on the last day of August.

He parked his Scooter near the station at a rental place called Scooter Brauns, where you can also park your scooter, and bought himself a ticket for the month of September. Grabbing himself a tea to go, he went to the platform where his train was departing, got in and sat down across a slim lady. When Ferdi wanted to start Eye of the Tiger on his I-Pod, a refined voice was saying: 'Does that satisfy you?' What do you mean, seeing the lady across pointing at Ferdi's coat pocket where a piece of the Western Union receipt was showing.

Well, not really, but it justifies the means, sending money to my brother who lives abroad. That may not be the only way, sir. If it wasn't the sir part, it was the twinkle in her eye that Ferdi was drawn to; thirsty for more information.

The woman's name was Bobbi and was ready to change Ferdi's life. Have you ever heard of Crypto Currency Ferdi, as he had shared his name with her. Incredible, they already introduced to each other while the train had not left yet.

"Crypto isn't that Bitcoin, that fake money". Well, it is a bit more and I would like to tell you something about Ripple and the crypto currency they use, called XRP!

Ripple connects banks in different countries worldwide and you can send money using XRP as a bridge currency.

Well, does sound appealing, Ferdi whispered.... There is more to it though, Bobbi said. You should tell him about the Protocols, I suddenly heard another lady saying entering the train wagon. Hey Patty, how are you doing? The women greeted eachother, a quick kiss on the cheek, and .... Patty joined us.

So you have Xcurrent, Xvia and Xrapid. Xcurrent is Ripple's enterprise software solution that enables banks to instantly settle cross-border payments with end-to-end tracking. Xvia is for corporates, payment providers and banks who want to send payments across various networks using a standard interface and Xrapid uses XRP offering on-demand liquidity, which dramatically lowers costs enabling real-time payments.

Ferdi's head was spinning but Patty made it clear it was not only Xrapid that sounded as THE protocol you wanted to see.

Something new, Bobbi added, is called Multi Hop, but that is too much for now. Woaw, these ladies were drilling Ferdi and the day had just started.

The train slowed down, indicating he only had to go three more stops. So, Ferdi continued the discussion, where do I buy these Ripples..... "XRP", a man firmly stated. Hey Dr T. how are you doing, the ladies almost said simultaneously. The man that was called Dr. T, joined the three and repeatedly said: IT IS XRP, get it right and banks ARE using it and FUD FUD FUD. He also shared the names Binance, Uphold, eToro, Litebit,SBIVC, CEX.IO, and Ferdi heard something like CoinBa... the rest was swallowed, but it did not sound nice. Relax Dr. T, he is a newbie and probably does not even know about Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt!

Ferdi asked Bobbi how many more people would join the "Crypto Train Ride" and if he was the only one not knowing about Ri.... XRP? Well, Ann, Dario, Steve and the Rabbits were still to join, oh and Banksy, although Mr. Rabbit never works on Monday and with Banks, you never know, he did something with someone called Research Center browsing for news and facts, so he hardly ever joined ....

And by the way, no you are not the only one that has not heard of the "NOT best kept hidden secret" since Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. Adoption was just not part of the deal yet.

Indeed Ferdi was joined by Mrs Rabbit, Ann and Dario and he kind of felt in good company. The train slowed down and Ferdi got up going towards the doors. Thanks everybody, I will try to read some stuff about this and maybe see you tomorrow.

The conductor was standing between Ferdi and the door that let him outside. It was a huge man, looked a little like Hodor, from that movie, ...... well Ferdi wasn't good with names. Majestic looking person, good beard and friendly eyes! Did they bother you with them coins, he asked?? Well, they did mention yes... Well, it is all fake, we have the Euro, Dollar, we don't need another coin, I don't believe in it.... The door opened and the big guy jumped out, hmmmm sounds like a knowledgable guy.... "Ripple, ain't gonna be it, right Schwartzie", said the conductor to his colleague. They started to laugh and the man called Schwartzie, blew his whistle.

The train left and the last thing Ferdi heard was the doctor hanging out of the window: XRP, not RIPPLE ! ! ! ! !

At the office, Ferdi was not able to concentrate very well. His mind ran over and he tried to remember as much as possible.... Xvia, Rabbit, Dr., Coinba, eToro. Well, he went to their site and look, they have an app.

Ferdi downloaded the app and during his lunch break he was able to investigate it a little. Signing in with Facebook, hmmm, he didn't know... so Ferdi went through the sign up process. Pretty easy and before he knew, he was in. PayPal, he was able to use PayPal and before lunch break was over, 500 dollars was sitting in his account.

"Hey Rick, look at this", Ferdi showing Rick the app. Rick and Ferdi had been friends and colleagues for 7 years and shared everything. I trust you man, Rick said and before Ferdi was able to tell him his whole morning story, Rick had opened the App Store and his I-phone was downloading something. 500 dollars later, Ferdi and Rick had bought XRP, or CFD's, what kinda bugged Ferdi because he did not own the XRP. Well, that was for later, they just had to celebrate this a little as from today they were part of the Crypto Currency World.

It could not have gone faster that day and although too slow, the clock DID eventually show 05.30 PM. Ferdi gave Rick one more high five. Moog, the CFO, looked at the two and just shook his head, what were they cooking again. Ferdi left for the train, that was leaving soon. No Lisa, and yes I know, but can it wait for tomorrow? She wanted to talk about the party for Eri, in the Tokyo office, but no time, tomorrow Lisa, byeeee.

Would he see 'his friends', was he able to share the news that he owned XRP, so much to ask, so many things to learn and be taught?

During the first stop, he was sitting alone, in the same wagon he thought, he was sitting in that morning. Then Patty came in and joined him. He already got a hug from her, she was friendly! Ferdi could not contain himself anymore and had to share his story. The smile could not be smaller, from ear to ear, and she welcomed Ferdi to the XRPCommunity.... the XRPCommunity, what was that?? Well, Twitter, there is a whole group of XRP investors, sharing their story. Ferdi had a million questions but did not know where to start. Patty saw the man troubled and shared stories, many words that Ferdi wrote down:

Binance, Cobalt, Codius, David Schwartz, Ledger Nano S, MEW, Jed, Tron, Convergence, Brad Garling...something, too many things. Her husband Michael was also into XRP and they would throw a little party later that week. She invited Ferdi, even little door presents were available she whispered, some nice Ripple socks, but you don't know that yet!

WOW, the train was already there again; this consumed all his energy but the train ride was fast, this way.

Ferdi said bye to Patty and said he would check out Twitter for some "XRP Community". Walking to Brauns, his mind was all over the place; he wanted to get more input, like the Robot in the movie Short Circuit, more input for Johnny Number 5. He almost walked into a man, he knew; working at the coffee place. Hey Kieran, sorry, I was thinking about some things! He grabbed his scooter and went home.

Driving home he saw some guys playing soccer. The shirts were fine, representing famous soccer players, like Cryptowater, Kuster, Schaeffer and Forster, but actions and moves on the grass, well could not be bothered stopping. One guy was wearing the Canadian shirt of Hardwick. Played well at Liverpool, but had to be lucky these guys wanted to play with him!

His neighbor was standing in the door opening so Ferdi said hi to him: Yo Cobb, what's happening. Well, not too much, this week I am off, so chilling big time. Cool, well enjoy your evening. "Be quiet, I am on the phone", it was heard from upstairs. Mr. H., like Alex and I called him, looked like the Soutpark character, heard everything 1, 2, 3: Guys, please. Yep did not take more than 3 secs and Mr. B of 6C opened his door.

Ferdi was bouncing around in his apartment as his mind was going from left to right, He 'Whatsapped' his friend CKJ if he wanted to workout with him, as Ferdi needed to get rid of some energy. Nope, no time, CKJ was still working.... man he was so busy, did something with the stock market, not knowing he was helping his neighbor Danielle Torres, who locked herseld out of her apparment! He would actually ask him for advice at a later stage. Maybe Rob Le or Logic could join. Rob Le because there was also a Rob De and Logic; well he had no idea why Logic, he had been Logic; his whole live Ferdi had called him Logic, didn't even know his real name!! Both did not answer, so he just canceled his idea to work out and went to Twitter.

Logging in showed him a new interesting fact, 25 new contacts. XRPMichael, CrypToeMan, Dave Jonez, XRPAmsterdam, BlueNET Crypto, RossMacFirdeen, Munch, CryptoGirl, ABN (woaw did the bank, ....... no it had nothing to do with the bank) so many names. So funny, HEY look, the Rabbits, a RedPlumpTomato, HausofSaeed, woaw... so many, all love XRP, all know about the "NOT best kept hidden secret". All probably THINK they know XRP :-). The GSociety, a trading place. Got to write that one down; will take a look at that one later!!

WOW, all Ripple people are SuperHeroes, Let's invite Brad Garlinghouse, aka Captain America, oh look at him, David Schwartz, nice hair, Hulk man :-) and Nic Bougalis, looks like a well casted Iron Man. Really friendly of David Schwartz to put it up in his house; GiponF is one lucky person. oh and Thor, Edward, nice logo on the hammer!! What is that, a tipbot, you can get XRP Tips???

It just went on and on, Did not know this world was so big. The Community just has so many people. Where have I been all those years. I know Bitcoin was around, but this... Johnny W, nice a turtle Mr. Wild, Denise, woaw she looks like Kate Moss, Sleone, nice stickers buddy, LOL, Ekpe the dragon, Barbara Snowden, family?!? It just went on an on and on. Ulf, Brent, Buckor, Ramona, Gemma Sains,Stuart, Truthbot, a robot?!? Michael iPinky, thinking 589 at the end of the year !!!!!! Easy-XRP, well what is all easy about it.... Jamie Lee, Kumaran, Kcool, TplusZero, it is really getting late, What even a KungfuNerd?!?!?!?

Ferdi closed his laptop!

He just cut the knot, jumped in his sports gear and went for a run. Always, when he was so jumpy he needed to get rid of the energy with something sporty, running was the easiest.

Running through the streets he ran into his cousin Wietse. He did not really wanted to talk to him as Wietse had NOTHING with technology. He had worked in the flower business for over 10 years, made good money, but if you had to ask him to start up an Apple computer, zero response.

8 Miles later, he entered his apartment again and he took a quick shower. After the shower, he opened Twitter again, consumed a lot of info and was re-directed to Telegram. Similar to Whatsapp but appearantly better, for whatever reason. He actually browsed around.

He just typed a couple words and ended up in an ERC20 forum place and this guy, an admin, promised him some coins. Ferdi had to send some Etherium (whatever that was) before he would get the coins; only 3 ETH he had to send.

He had read something that coin Telegram groups would never ask for money. So he asked this guy Zerp Donut on Twitter, who he was linked to and was online, if this was real or a scam. Stay as far away from situations like this, are you new in the field of crypto currency?


"Yes, I am" Ferdi shared. Well, there is this lady, Justine, let her explain you the ledger Nano S, so your coins are safe; do you have many coins Ferdi? Well, I have .... NO .... never say how many coins you have. Well, but you asked.... NO, never ever share!!! Well I wanted to say zero, I only have CFD's. Oh, eToro, that is fine, but if you want to own the coins, what you actually want, please go to Binance, Litebit, Bitstamp, Indodax, eToro will eventually come with a wallet, but so far, no wallet yet!

Justine explained Ferdi things about the Nano S. Nano S is a hardware wallet, really safe, offline, where you would keep your tokens/ coins, so no chance to be hacked or that things would go wrong.Think of it like your bank account, Justine continued. Your hardware wallet is used to secure larger amounts. Very important: The Nano S also lets you create backups of your wallet by writing down a 24 word phrase. Write these down and never lose this page.The 24 word phrase is used when your Nano S is lost, damaged or stolen.



Woaw, I learned so much, and was not even 24 hours into the game called crypto.

She started of telling me some freaky stuff. About this guy telling the world during a YouTube video he had made a lot of money, showing piles of cash. Well, some crooks paid him a visit and he actually committed suicide after being robbed of his coins.

She told Ferdi to look into Google Authentication. Google Authentication is much better than getting a code by Text Message, as hackers copy SIM Cards and steal everything in accounts by duplicating them to the copied SIM Card. These Hackers would actually go to a mobile provider with a stolen ID or fake one. If they get a duplicate of the SIM card, well the rest is history. Therefore a phone screenlock is very important also.
Woaw, Ferdi thought, clever person, this Justine lady.

She also wrote Ferdi, he had to be careful on Twitter. A lot of the more familiar XRPCommunity people had fake accounts, asking for money, they would never do that, so be aware.


Half an hour later, after the great talk with Justine, Ferdi crashed in his bed. He had received so much information, it was incredible. Who would have thought, his life would change so dramatic. He liked it and he opened his phone one more time, opening the eToro App. He smiled as there was a green number showing up. He was in the green and he would wait. Some 'Community Members' told him this X-mas would show a double digit number. Even some guys claimed three digits before the end of the following year, but well that was a little too much, or ....., he could not answer that question with the small amount of knowledge he had.

Tomorrow, ehhhh 01:00 AM, later today, he would look into Coil, Convergence and Cobalt. Time enough as he also learned one more important word: HODL, meaning, not SELLING, thank XRPCommunity, sharing is caring and caring is sharing.