Disclaimer: this work is provided "as-is" and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Ripple Inc. in anyway.

RippleAPI was one of the APIs (the other one is core API) in ripple-lib before version 0.13.0 which was released in 2015 and has been the only API since 0.13.0.

ripple-client-desktop was abandoned by Ripple Inc. in 2015. By the time it was abandoned, it could only work with core API.

I started porting it to RippleAPI in late 2018. The progress was recorded in this twitter thread:


You can download the executable files at this link:


If you want to try it, please try it with testnet account, account with small balances, small transaction size, in that order. Because even though there is no known bug to me, after all this is a one man job. There could be bugs that I haven't seen yet.

To change server to testnet server, check "Online mode" under Network settings. Testnet server address can be found here https://xrpl.org/xrp-testnet-faucet.html. After changing server, please restart the client because server reconnection is not handled very well in ripple-lib.

Note that it may take a short while for it to connect for the very first time.

Here's my tip bot account if anyone feel like chipping in https://www.xrptipbot.com/u:r0bertz/n:twitter