Life is a complicated thing, and certainly my flock, you don’t need The Reverend to enlighten you on something so apparent and obvious to us all. I write to you today as I feel our flock is suffering from a bit of collective despondence from months of toiling in the shadows of a BTC-driven market deflation. While I can’t electrify you with breaking news or predictions of an imminent “moon” event, I can share with you The Reverend’s perspective in hopes of lifting your spirit and restoring belief. If you will indulge me with your time and a bit of philosophical discussion, I might just be able to assist you in this time of despair.

Here we go ...

Many of you were first introduced to the notion of philosophical inquiry known as “Existentialism” in your secondary education. For those who may have forgotten, or perhaps were never introduced at all, you can think of Existentialism as a recognition of the shared plight of human existence, and how a common set of trials and tribulations affect us all regardless of who we are, where we came from, and what we have or have not achieved. It also allows us to use this understanding about the human condition to put things into perspective, and to apply meaning in a manner that is positive, instead of negative.

(My paraphrased definition of Existentialism is brief and lacking a true fullness of the topic – so those with Philosophy degrees who are grating their teeth at my chosen brevity, I do apologize. Blogs are meant to be short, and I’m trying my best to adhere!)

Surely you are already asking: “Why am I reading this? This has nothing to do with Ripple, or XRP …”

It is widely known The Reverend tends to be an odd sort – often speaking in a manner and perspective that defies normal convention. Much of this comes from your Reverend’s deep need to find connections among disparate events or actions that seemingly on the surface have no apparent ties betwixt them. As one might imagine, this intrinsic effort can be mentally exhausting, and yield very, very, wrong interpretations. Yet there are those moments, fleeting and rare, when such rigor yields a greater enlightenment. Even a stopped clock is right, 2 times a day …

When choosing to be an advocate of our beloved digital asset XRP, in past and current time, there is an understanding that the advocacy path you have chosen is among the most arduous. It truly can feel at times that the world is against you, and honestly, most of it may actually be. Yet here you are, and despite where you came from, or what you may have believed in the past, your belief “now” has put you upon the path to a greater journey.

It is, in many ways – an existential journey. In your XRP advocacy you are consistently subjected to “The Absurd”. In existentialism, “The Absurd” is the notion that there is no meaning to the things that happen in this world above and beyond what we give them. As such, it also depicts that the “unfairness” in the world comes regardless of being a good or bad person, and further what comes to pass is simply what comes to pass, unjust and equal for all. When we face our countless detractors, it often feels as though their attacks are without merit and bereft of fact. The constant onslaught takes its toll upon us all, and as such, we begin to grow frustrated and allow doubt to enter our conscience.

This is a natural effect. We take the slings and arrows personally. We are, after all - only human. Yet this is where we can learn from “The Absurd”: Their words and actions are truly meaningless until the moment we choose to give them a meaning that instills negativity within us. As such, I encourage the flock to recognize our opposition’s actions and motives as simply what is to be expected from this world as we travel upon our selected path of XRP advocacy. With recognition of “The Absurd” we can liberate ourselves from our natural tendencies to self-inflict fear and doubt by inappropriately giving the meaningless, meaning. I encourage the flock to empower itself with this knowledge and use it to parry the slings and arrows of our detractors so that we can focus on what we intend to achieve – for we have much to do.

(There are many other notions provided within Existentialism that can assist us, and I encourage all who are unfamiliar with them to explore further by clicking the link at the bottom of the page to Wikipedia’s section on Existentialism)

Before I close my friends, I’d like to provide you with an explanation of the cryptic photo I tweeted Friday, June 15, 2018, and why in trying times when I fail to recognize “The Absurd” - I return to this image for restoring my belief.


This photo, taken in 1934, shows the initial phases of construction of what would become the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. At this stage, only those who designed it, and those whose advocacy drove the project from a mere idea to an actual project, carried within themselves the true vision of what would come to be, and how it would impact all those around.

A concrete base sits upon the water’s edge, with a thin wooden-clad construction bridge extending out into the San Francisco bay. The location it reaches is the first piling being driven into the mud and rock below. Engineers had studied, calculated, drafted and redrafted countless designs to ensure a proper foundation to support the greater vision they hoped to build atop.

It lacks glamour. It signifies in its appearance nothing of what is to come, but it is of paramount importance to realizing it. It requires hard work and determination. The water provides unyielding resistance and complication. The process is tedious and slow, and some question if the greater vision will ever be attained.

The depiction above in 1934 is apropos for where we find ourselves today as advocates of XRP. We have watched Ripple methodically construct pilings in the form of their software offerings: xCurrent, xVia, RippleD and Interledger. They have toiled countless hours drafting the future design of the Internet of Value, despite constant pressure and resistance from their innumerable detractors. They chose not to give meaning to the “The Absurd” and instead soldiered on – believing that their vision would be realized once the foundation had been securely laid.

We are now embarked on the next phase of construction. The XRP community of developers are writing new applications and enhancing the ecosystem. Ripple, head down and determined, continues to construct new partnerships, fiat pairs, and payment corridors as a foundation for their grand vision: xRapid. They again choose to accept “The Absurd”, as should we – for xRapid will be as revolutionary and iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is my belief my friends, that xRapid will become the world standard for international and internet-based settlement. By delivering real-time dynamically sourced on-demand XRP liquidity in the form of a bridge currency, xRapid will transform global commerce for decades to come.

Of this, as Miguel Vias has famously coined, I have #0doubt.

Thank you for your time and contemplation of The Reverend’s words!

Until next time, my flock -

The Reverend Ripple