For me it all started last year, 2017, with a tip from @XRPTrump - a tip for sharing a story. Why XRPTRUMP, no no no, the question should be why me, why anybody.... and that holds the truth:

Tipping it is a lot of fun and because you can. XRPTipbot, we know about it, XRPCommunity, but it is much bigger than you think. It is not logging in with your twitter credentials and see with your own eyes your balance went up a tiny bit ..... OH O like the sound of it , tiny bit .....

What is the correct tip, when is the correct tip and how do you do the correct tip. Well .... the writer of this story likes to tip so I can share how you need to tip:

Receiver Twitter handle + Amount XRPTipbot twitter handle.

It is so easy, so refined so.... thank you @ Wietse Wind +1340 @ XRPTipbot or is it thank you # Wietse Wind +0.0000342 @ XRPTipbot??? Neither or both is the answer, with a little footnote: the minimum is a couple zero's behind the comma/ period; depends where you live and the maximum is 5 at the moment. When XRP is going up in price this may be lowered; it is also there to protect your 'inventory'.

So when appreciation can be found in the smallest amount, it made Twitter break a couple days ago, for allegedly tipping '0,047 cents'. Thatwas not even to 1 person, not even 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 BUT 7 in total. It all started with:


This was an innocent Tweet to 7 guys as a joke, once again, as a joke. So the first reaction the tweet got:


This became a thread with a lot of reactions; minutes long my app showed 20+ non-read messages..... I crossed the names out that were negative as it does not add value to the Blog.

So what is it that the XRPCommunity is viewed as being cheap, received that title numerous times, when the tip is not more than a WHOLE 1 XRP???

Malpass, and yes I mention his name, wrote it correctly in a reply IMO:


Complaining about a gift is not what you learned when you were little. Appreciate the gift and when you open Twitter and you see you got a tip, how much fun is that.... That is my only goal with tipping, getting 1 smile from a person that may have been a little negative in life, and B O O M , smile!!! Mission accomplished. And yes there were over 200 tweets!

Another great reactions came from Jungle Inc. , most people in the XRPCommunity know him as one the favorite XRP YouTubers. He answered:


As you can see Mr. Inc received many likes as many people see it this way: XRP is a payment method, making it possible to do micro payments. That is what it is for... ALSO. All over the world in less than 5 seconds. It is truly amazing. That is Blockchain, that is Cryptocurrency....

Going back to that previous picture:

"I'd appreciate a decent explanation of why ppl are tipping each other fractions of a penny for no reason" .....

A decent explanation.... everything is a good explanation.... because I like you.... because I appreciate you.... because I know you had a bad day ..... because you need "a smile" ..... because I CAN ! ! !

Whatever is sitting in my tipbot I received, I have not bought XRP for my tipbot and I will keep it in there to pay it forward, just because I like it. My tips are small Y E S, but I like it.

Brings me to the following point..... NOW it is .047 cents, we are in a pretty red market, but guess what, pick a "random" number, what 1 XRP could be worth in the future, eh..... 589 dollars, well then suddenly these 7 Gentlemen are sharing more than 50 dollars .... still not a lot of money, but it used to be a almost 5 cents!!!!

I am reading that last sentence and suddenly I get a little smile around my face.... maybe, sometimes, I am a nice guy ..... I didn't even know ... 50 bucks!!!

If you ask the creator of the tipbot, Wietse Wind, he will tell you: the Tipbot is not THAT important, EXCEPT it unites the community, it makes it tangible, it shows you micro payments, easy sending/ receiving, speed, safety and ALL the things, that we WANT to read in regards RIPPLE /XRP (not the same COMPANY/ CRYPTO CURRENCY)". Well said, Wietse

It also symbolizes the future. Where many countries hardly pay with cash money, Debit and Credit Cards took over, we may see another shift of Crypto Coins replacing plastic. Who knows, but we ARE able to identify baby steps towards a "cash-less" "plastic card-less" life.


All these points are nice , but it also makes it easier to introduce new people to the crypto world. I have actually experienced this myself. I bought a pizza with plastic and used the tipbot for a tip. They gave me a twitter handle and so I tipped outside my XRPCommunity comfort zone:


People liked it, I even received likes on that post.... do have to say this was a big tip in regards the 7 person tip.....

Finishing the tipping story, enjoy giving and receiving our beloved Crypto Token.... if people like to give, let them give, if people like to receive, tell me about it and you might be next....

Tipping is great, if you don't want to think about the smile on the receiver end, think about your own smile. Don't you feel good sharing. A reaction: thanks buddy that is awesome. I am not shy of giving ove 150 tips in one go... I just like it, it is small/ BIG money, I know, but I get so much more out of the positve reaction. I want to share that feeling; we all should use the tipbot more often as it nice to send/ receive.

Before ending this blog, I would like to give a shoutout to Kung-Fu Nerd for making the tipbot art at the top. He did a great job creating it and it is an honor displaying it here; thanks KFN.

Whatever the tipbot stands for, it still can be explained with 5 words, it is: