In the nineties, I was part of an organization that was targeting a niche market in the music industry. It was a time where MTV was at its peak. The Netherlands had its version of MTV, with little to no content of our niche. We decided to create content and started making videos of our artists, concerts, and parties and offer them for free to the channel. We even created a show to feature what we made. It was a fantastic success. Of course, we were the only game in town, and the bar for quality content was set very low. Still, we made millions in ticket sales, merch, record sales, and compilations.

Fast forward a couple of years when a real estate broker decides to start a TV program, Business Class. Guests can pay the host to be interviewed for 15.000 Euros, and the questions are pre-approved. I'm sure many of us know this concept and are skeptical enough not to buy too much into what is said, that is if we watch at all. Sadly enough, most viewers are not aware and don't realize that they are watching one big infomercial.

From here the leap to Ran Neuner is not a big one. Does he pay for his program to be broadcasted on CNBC Africa? The crypto market is still a niche market, and there is not a lot of content out there. The idea of someone financing a TV show to shill his precious coin doesn't seem far-fetched. There is also the (forgive my french) "media whore" angle to consider. Some people would do just about anything to gain a little fame and get their face on TV.

I'm man enough to admit that I'm not stating facts. It's just that history has thought me how these industries work. Next time you see one of his shows or read one of his tweets, ask yourself, what is in it for Ran Neuner? I think you will be able to find that there are alternative motives to most of them. It could be direct or indirect financial gains, or he's just twisting narratives to stay relevant.

The sad part of his shameless barrage of FUD targeted at XRP is that he's hurting the average Joe. Financial institutions have probably never heard of the man, and definitely, don't base their decisions on what he is spewing. The same goes for all the developers that are working on these great use cases for XRP. What else can they do but laugh when Neuner is claiming that there are no use cases? People that suffer are the ones that panic sell. Those who believe the narrative some wannabe spin doctor is spreading, and decide to drop the project. For this alone, Ran Neuner should be ashamed.

I'm not a financial advisor, and just like 100% of the people in the crypto space, I cannot predict what will happen with XRP or its price. What I can guarantee; in your lifetime (if at all) there will be but few possibilities to get in on the ground floor of something so spectacular, that it can literately change the world and your life within it. Yes, it's for you to decide if you find it worth the risk. Whatever it is, I implore you, don't base your decision on FUD.

15 Ran Neuner - The hunger for money and fame, knows no shame!