A comment I made on twitter yesterday morning got me thinking, (According to my family, this is a rare occurrence) “Somehow we have to try and understand that some people prefer to remain uniformed. Weird and scary, but true!”

Here in my country, children in most government schools are still required to wear school uniforms, to maximise conformity, and throughout our lives we are expected to fit into the acceptable boxes of what is expected. Social media has magnified the need to fit in, be popular, to be “liked”. Even if it is just by the click of a button. Unfortunately some people seem to go as far as gauging their self-worth by it.

Which brings me to this: How much of what we believe is because it is popular opinion?

A great example of this was the Oscar Pistorius case here in South Africa. Within days of the event where he shot his girlfriend, Reeva to death, people were screaming “it was cold blooded murder!” None of the facts were in, the court case were months away, but somehow we had loads of final verdicts. Worldwide people weighed in and loudly pointed and shouted “Guilty”! This was the popular opinion.

Now here is where I go full on devil’s advocate. Bob and Mary has been married for 10 years. Have had loads of fights during the course of the marriage. About money, about Bob not telling the truth about where he was, about Mary’s drinking etc, etc. After years of pent-up frustration, Bob goes into a blind rage and gets rid of Mary permanently. Could make sense right?

Jim and Alison has been dating for three months, butterflies happens every time a message comes through, as grownups you might expect that they only recently consummated the relationship as well. It is still flowers and hearts and chocolate on the pillows. Does Jim feel so much rage that he murders Alison? I don’t know. But logically, blind rage murder?

My point is how much weight does popular opinion carry? How much does it shape our own beliefs and opinions?

In crypto world we seem to have a couple of distinct camps.

We have for example the BTC maximalists that holds opinions that they stick to, regardless of any proof to the contrary. Somebody told them mining is just the thing. Some of them have no idea why, and some not even how, but they will stick to that opinion come hell or high water. Another great example of this is Tone Vays commenting about an article he did not even bother to read, but yet hold and opinion on. How was that opinion formed to begin with?

Then you have the other camp. People who says “do some research”. Somehow it seems that this is a phrase used by the XRP community a lot. XRP is centralised – Please do some research! XRP will never be used by banks – Please do some research! It would seem that a lot of people have “facts” born out of misinformation because of popular opinion.

The thing is, I suspect that a lot of people out there don’t want to know any different. They don’t want to question popular opinion. Because that would threaten their “fitting in” perhaps? Because it is too much effort? There might be a myriad of reasons, I am not a psychiatrist. But I do find it interesting that some people does not seem to WANT to question anything.

Well, let’s just say I have been banned from talking anything conspiracy theory around the family. They don’t understand the difference between debating and fighting. No “crisis actors”, no “fake moon landing”, no “the war is actually about the pipeline”. I have been told in so many words “I don’t want to know”! It is not that I actually believe all or any of this, it is about questioning popular opinion. WHY do you believe what you do? Might there be other explanations?

So that is why I have been wondering, are the XRP Community that odd breed of people who goes against popular opinion? Who digs a little bit deeper? Who many times holds the unpopular opinion at the dinner table? The kind of person who wants things to make sense to them before just going along with the crowd?

What I do know is that a group of ordinary investors has become passionate advocates, hungry to learn more, do more research, to know without a doubt why we believe what we do and why we back XRP.

Either way, XRP might not be the chosen one as per popular opinion for some, but it might just be the one that comes in and actually achieve the financial revolution that BTC maximalists as screaming about, just not in the way they thought.

Until then, we will keep hodling, accumulation, and fighting misinformation.

Popular or not.