The XRPCommunity has a lot of members that are dedicated XRP hodlers who want to know EVERYTHING, read EVERYTHING, share EVERYTHING and so, DO know EVERYTHING.

Nowadays, you have to check a lot to be on top of things, so let's see how somebody gets around Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp Groups, Discord, Wallets, Exchanges. How does one of those days check out, on the weekend, so we are not jeopardising anything; not even the truth!

Saturday morning, waking up with a good feeling in my mind. I DID get that like and the story I read on that crypto site, very bullish, not very accurate tho, lot of FOMO!

Let's check the exchange, hmmm, -3%, does not really resemble what I had dreamt. What about the crypto tracker, REALLY 3% down! I guess the other exchange will be the same, but maybe, no, I'll let it be..... so password, DANG Authenticator... and it turned black .... DANG it, forgot to charge it, well, probably the same.

Let's get a cup of coffee and come back, phone will be charged, 3%, hey funny, XRP went down 3%; not even awake for 10 minutes and my mind was already playing tricks.

Cup of Coffee, milk, GOOD!

Phone a little charged, yes, yes, only 2%, and authenticating the login just gave me another 3% down again. Time for Whatsapp, missed 65 messages: yes Crypto, and no I am not going to buy that ICO.

Twitter, NO, let's see if XRP went up: 1 tenth of a cent up, no ,02 cents down.

NOOOOO, it is XRP, not Ripple, why do people just not learn, X R P - EXARPEE, Ripple is a company and XRP is the token/ crypto currency. What would we do without the Dr! Wow, Bank, where do you FIND all that stuff; I thought I was good, according to my family, but WOW!

hm, 0,04 up, it is one of those days again, NO HONEY, I am fine, just relaxing 10 more minutes!

Let me dream for a moment: what if more people would know about it, what if it was widely accepted adopted, shared, YES, I AM an EARLY ADOPTER!!!

Telegram, let's see if GlobalCoinReport can make me laugh: Oh yes, XRP, world domination! 20% charged, doing good here.

My son jumps on the bed and knocks my coffee on the bed covers, Honey...... sorry, I will clean it up. My wife, who had come back to bed had dozed off a little, did not notice the coffee,just stared into a little boy's biggest smile.

Are we rich yet? eh .... +,04 cents, NO honey!

Time to put the phone away, for a moment

Let .. me .. give .. somebody .. the .. tickling .. punishment; followed by laughing, laughing, laughing and Daddy I wanna watch Peppa Pig!

So I turned on the television and went downstairs; Milk for my little friend and coffee for my wife, the machine was still on.

Had my phone with me, so, while the milk was getting warmer and the coffee machine did it's job, I did get more Whatsapp messages. No Alfred, I do not have THAT many, and yes 3% over night. The bull still staying at home, quiet a funny meme, Charles! You do write it with double P; Oh Twitter!! Hey, went up by a cent, let's check Discord, is there a reason?? TplusZEro, no, Parabellum, no... leave it!

Coffee ready, milk ready, "daddy of the week" coming upstairs! I am such a family person.... with an I-phone! Treating my favorite people, while I was thinking, price goes down, will be up in December, let's buy MORE. Quick, easy, minimum 200 dollars, quick and done. Another 645 XRP, smiling and I received an empty glass of milk. Down another ,3 cents, should have waited!!!

So, what are we doing today honey, beach breakfast; that is what we like to do. Nothing fancy, just the three of us, croissants, coffee and applejuice.

Took a quick shower and jumped in some easy shorts with a white t-shirt. Cleaned our little one, dressed to impress, he just IS a 'looker'.

Wife driving, me checking Whatsapp, hmm, Cozumel looks nice; and yes I know, you can trade there also, Alfred!!!

The car doesn't not seem to be able to influence the price as it did not move for an hour.

Breakfast at the beach. No phones allowed, well, the wife going to the toilet is outside the 'no phone restriction', so a quick, Doing fine XRPCommunity, with a picture of the sea had to be uploaded on Twitter, oh centralized ..... Sir, if you want central, move along, ain't gonna find it here with XRP.

Sun was coming through the clouds: Facebook check-in time, doing good here at the beach ....5,4,3,2,1 BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, I started typing,answering: YES, AGAIN AT THE BEACH !!!

Hey a green trade in the exchange!!

Phone away

Enjoying it, being with the three of us, and a wealth of ideas/ thoughts and 'what if's' in my mind. Yes you can play in the sand. Want to walk to the sea?

Love this little boy, brings the best out of me; leaving my phone on the table for example. Life changed, is changing and we are part of it. Early adopters and so this person comes up to me: Sir, I am a grad student and would like to ask you some questions, well, this is going to be a problem for my son, but okay:

If you lost one thing, would you want it to be your phone or your wallet - Wallet!

Why is that, money, credit cards, driver's license??

Just one word buddy, crypto-currency!

Oh Bitcoin, the fake coin and expensive pizza;

We got somebody who knows the pizza story, let's discuss. My son was pulling my shorts and said DADDY , let's go to the water!!!! Will not take more than 1 minute, son.

Eh no, NO BTC but the crypto XRP. You mean Ripple? NO, otherwise I would have said Ripple, that is by the way a company. Started to like it; getting into it.

So your phone... Yes, are you interested, as it sounds you know a little about it, crypto currency? No, but had a gentleman who had the same issues, exchange, authenticator and passwords.

DAD, come! Well, my intest had left me; the sea was calling us.

On our way back home, my wife asked about the student and told her about the question. A phone is just hardware, backed up by a computer; I would hate to loose all those bank cards, driver license and other official documents, besides money of course. I had to agree with her, not nice to loose all those cards I don't like to loose money either ....

Charging the phone in the car

We went shopping. What if all these people in the supermarket would buy 1.000 XRP, would be nice. Besides the Apples, I saw 2 lines, round towards eachother. With a little bit of zooming and standing on one leg, CLICK.

XRPCommunity, buy the XRP Apple, now for a bargain 20 cents price, attachment, chuckle and Send.

Packing the groceries I saw a little girl with a fidget spinner: TAP TAP: #xrpcommunity: even the kids play with Ripple, three likes for the Apple Story, thanks Rob, 5 XRP, you DA man and thanks Stubby!

.03 cents up!

No, I was not in the Cozumel area!!

Daddy can I ride the little hamster; a little car in the supermarket


I want to pay my groceries with XRP, I thought but my wife was swiping the bank card. Waiting, waiting, paid; maybe that could go faster with XRP; no it WOULD go faster!

I know Patty, I AM funny and no there are no SWIFT apples. Wietse look better in your supermarket; I am sorry you cannot find them. Truthbot, Alex, Kieran, thanks for the likes.

Let's go to MonkeyTown, honey; our son loves to play there, all the slides, ball games, other children, and so we did.

First groceries home, +,12 cents, nice. this morning's trade still green.

MonkeyTown, loved it there also, nice coffee and our son was able to get his energy level down in order for us to get an easy evening.

A man next to us was talking about a stock buy..... so 1990's. Honey, I don't want you to talk to him sharing crypto.

Phone down..... am I missing Hodor's Blog ?!?

I went into the climbing tree and tried to grab our son. He is getting faster and faster, that laugh, oh I love you little bugger.

  • 1 cent, doing well, doing well

No I was not at McDonalds Charles, they are not the only place where you can play with the plastic balls!

At home, we had a quick meal, was good, felt tired tho. Just the way it is, but had been fun. Quick shower for the little man and another 15 minutes on the I-pad. No, you don't have to watch XRP_Logic, just watch Fireman Sam :-)

AAAAH, Netflix time and legitimate time with the I-phone. What have I missed, all the stories, all the FUD, all the wise lessons in the history of wise lessons!

  • .04 cents.

It had been a fun day, XRP did well, and soon yes soon M...


This story has been romantiziced 'a little bit' for the sake of writing it.
This does NOT reflect a day in my life....I love my wife and son and they are by far number 1.

Financial vehicles should NEVER replace the quality time you have with family and friends. You can combine these two but PLEASE keep it balanced; life is too short to live it on an I-phone or any carier that shows something that is NOT life and / or live.