If you have followed the XRP community long enough then more than likely you have heard of Bearableguy123. Bearableguy123 was a cartoon bear that created a small subreddit r/Rippled where he started to post future predictions regarding Ripple XRP using cryptic riddles and images. BG123 quickly gained a huge following when some of these predictions started to come true. He later created a Twitter account to further post some of these riddles where he gained over 6000 followers within a few weeks. His wildest prediction was that the price of XRP would end the 2018 year at $589+. Hhmm.


I have to admit that taking predictions seriously from a cartoon bear seems ridiculous, but Bearableguy123 gained a huge following for a reason. Let's take a look as to why. Bearableguy123 oddly posted several images of kids along with his comments for a few months. Ripple then announced that they were funding every single classroom project which was announced on Stephen Colbert's late night show. It was over 35,000 projects funded that equaled an enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity. funds school classroom projects that helps teachers and kids that are in need. BG123 then went on to post a picture of Moneygram and Walmart. It wasn't long after this post that Moneygram announced that they would be trialing Ripple's xRapid product that uses XRP for cross border payments. Moneygram is also partnered with Walmart. Stroke of luck? Hhmm.


One of the most fascinating things about Bearableguy123 was that he only followed around 20 or so people or companies/banks on Twitter. To name a few, the companies as I remember were the Bank of International Settlements(BIS), the International Monetary Fund(IMF), the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Treasury Department, Reserve Bank of India, HM Treasury, World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, BRICS, and OPEC. Some of these companies have been in the news recently. The Bank of England recently stated that they are going to rebuild their Real Time Gross Settlement System(RTGS) in order to use distributed ledger technology(DLT). Bank of England is partnered with Ripple. Ryan Zagone the Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple was elected on the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee to come up with a better payment system. We also know that the Federal Reserve gave Ripple their vote of confidence. Bank of International Settlements(BIS) recently came out with a public paper that to me seemed to be a nod or a wink in Ripple's favor. The Bank of International Settlements is often described as the central bank for central banks. There are around 50 to 60 central banks under the BIS umbrella. Ripple always states they are working with around 40 to 50 central banks. The Bank of International Settlements(BIS) building is the building pictured in Bearableguy123's 589+ prediction. Hhmm.


Many people in the XRP community started to believe that Bearableguy123 was an insider that possibly worked for Ripple or knew someone that worked at Ripple. Then again, BG123 could have worked or knew someone at one of the places that he followed on Twitter such as the IMF or the Federal Reserve. BG123 did state one time that he knew someone that had given him some information in regards as to how big 2018 was going to be for Ripple and XRP. Many fingers started to get pointed from within the XRP community accusing certain members of being Bearableguy123. Maybe so, but it never mattered too much to me who Bearableguy123 was. On May 24, Bearableguy123 closed his Twitter and Reddit account leaving many in the XRP community upset.


Believe his predictions or not, one thing is for certain Bearableguy123 made things fun and exciting in the XRP community, and he gave people hope. As soon as he posted a riddle or an image, everyone in the community jumped in spending sometimes days trying to figure out the meaning of these riddles. It hasn't been the same without him around, and he has been missed by many. Some say BG123 left because there was know way his price prediction of $589+ could possibly come true by the end of 2018. I personally think that he just needed to step away and take a break from social media as we all need to do sometimes. I also think we will see the real Bearableguy123 return to his r/Rippled subreddit page. What do you think? Will Bearableguy123 return? Will we see Bearableguy123's price prediction of $589+ by the end of this year? Only time will tell, and there is not a lot of time left for us to have to wait.