Your website runs on Coil and you're bringing in those sweet streaming XRP payments. That's awesome! But how do folks who don't know what Coil is understand that your website and content is Coil integrated?

Up until now there was no official way other than to tell people. All that is about to change with a single line of code.

To have the marketing tool show up we need to add a piece of code to our script that we use to monetize our website.

Here is what our script looks like now:


Underneath the paymentPointer: '$' line add this code:

addCoilAdvert: true

Side note! Your payment pointer is different than mine.

Your new script should look and read like the image below. **Make sure you add that coma as well! **


Insert the new updated script into your website and save it.

In order to test this to make sure that your marketing tool is running, you will have to use incognito mode on your browser to make sure it pops up. It won't work if you are already a Coil user. This tool is designed for folks who don't have Coil. If you are Coil enabled the tool gets replaced with streaming payments of course.

It should appear on the bottom right of your screen and look like this when all is said and done:


Congratulations! We are slowly expanding and reaching different audiences with this simple marketing tool.

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