A freaking blog pffff sounds great, get to spill seconds of thought to the world spending hours writing when it’s Sunday – Sunny Sunday it seems. The kids are at the park with their mum and you want to take advantage of that, do you things. So maybe it'll be a rant, don’t expect answers just questions.

The Then...
Six months ago you decided you wanted to run a rippled validator node but you didn’t really understand what a node was, the only sniff you had of a Linux operating system was in your 1st year of high school. We sat in front of those machines which I reckon we even switched on once, for I think about an hour a week. The new Pc's were coming next year, Windows and this new thing called the Internet had arrived so Mr Wragg believed those classes be best spent him dictating his optimism for the prosperity the Internet would bring. This probably was an optimistic view for the Internet in the 90’s but freak who knew! it exploded and so did Windows. Mr Wragg was right, peoples use of computers went mostly the way he said, they took over; pretty, polished easy to use graphical user interfaces; these out of date Linux systems were ugly and their Command line interfaces would disappear. But this view and approach had flaws.
It was great that Windows gave the world explorer even for it's cost, it was also a great package of GUI's for accross the board productivity; Word, Excel, Publisher. These softwares were deployed all over the world, on servers helping to build the infrastructure that is the internet today, those servers operate on Linux.

The Now...
Which brings me back to sunny Sunday I’m sat with my laptop on my lap it’s operating system is Windows, I’ve spent six months reading a 2 foot high stack of books and asking the wrong questions to the right people. I once asked one of the most highly regarded developers in the world "do i type that into the terminal program" with that being command lines, I don’t recall his answer but wow he's a patient guy with great ethics and is a true inspiration, a xrp community leader for sure.
So I’ve learnt a little these past few months from the books, him and others but the Internet has been my go to tool.
The Internet has changed the game in my lifetime, central entities don't control the sharing of data. The ease of data transfer and storage means information has become more widely available, barriers have been lifted and cost's have been reduced.
I’ve been able to download free softwares; some equivalent to the best paid for counterparts to experiment and use, read blogs, papers, and all sorts of freely available information to help me achieve whatever challenge I take on.
I’m now running Linux on the laptop on a virtual machine, I’ve stuck it on to use one of those antique command line interfaces to connect via the now future; the Internet, to create a SSH key; a method for secure connection, to connect with a cloud server. Mr Wragg didn't foresee this, same seemingly of whoever provided the curriculum. A good GUI shouldn't need to be taught it should be easy to grasp and use, these GUI's were always going to be a tool for use of commands and code: the operation of a CPU did not evolve. The Internet and Windows may have put a PC in your home but it was open sauce software and the work of many great Physicians and computer Scientists that enabled it.
If id been shown those command line interfaces and had known that a computer's greatest achievement is to plus, minus, divide and subtract then decide weather the values it calculates are either; equal to, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than or less than or equal to or not equal. That a computers real trick was that it carries out these processes at speed measured by the Ghz (1Ghz=1 billion times per second). I think I would of been pretty amazed at the things you can achieve with so little use of anything but simple math to generate one’s and zero's & thousands of places to store these ones and zero's to compute practically anything; solveing complex problems with logic. I feel I would have felt that computers are something i can begin to work with, something i could get involved with and understand. It’s an subject I’ve got the bug for now and am enjoying learning, most if it is so simple and logical by default, the complexity is in the depth.
Which leads me, at last, to the idea behind the blog, the secret to it all being able to work.

The Future...
Think specialisms, collaboration, solving tough problems with hours of tedious work, determination and coffee; preferably Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. In the world of computer science and open sauce they don't stand on the shoulders of giants they build pyramids of them.
I had a xrp ledger validator up and running thanks to another great guy in the xrp community, a guy id bracket in one of two types I’ve recently began to recognise. Open saucers and closed saucers. Imagine all sauce is the same incredible sauce but him being an open saucer he is freely sharing that sauce around the community not like those closed saucers who keep that incredible sauce for themselves. You can see they have the knowledge, but whatever there doing with it they want it or they want you to pay. Some call them value sappers but I like to think of them as future open saucers, free people act as they want. They have to see the value in sharing that sauce and the value in that often comes from the the collaboration with the open saucers.
Closed saucers can do well, they can operate for years spreading there softwares across the world, taking an unbelievable market share. However the open saucers did not faulter in their quest, they quite rightly in my opinion continued in their belief that the sharing of created value or intellectual property better served and propagated it’s use, securing its longevity providing another building block for everyones pyramid. Maybe that’s why open sauce software continues to shine regardless, and why it seems the tide is swinging back in it’s direction when it comes to mainstream usage. Take phones as an example iPhone was everywhere alot of money was invested in creating the software which gave a top product for the user; they took the market. Android set off down a different path, they went open sauce(mostly); sharing code and providing a open base for development. They didn’t pay for entirely its development; they give it for free and participated, eventually their product clawed back a piece of the industry. It was made to work on many different manufacturer devices and as a result these manufacturers had an interest in it’s success and development. Open sauce creates and promotes cooperation in a way which helps it’s users and creators realise more value for less cost.

Side Note...
Ripples category is a funny one to me. X-rapid for instance, closed sauce – you’ve gotta pay. Ripple – won’t even let you pay, you can't buy shares, they not sharing. Then there is rippled – open sauce software for a permission less network. Codius – open sauce software that enables you as a user to earn money. So I’m going to label Ripple a closed sauce mama of open sauce babies.

Ripple thanks for sharing your babies with the xrp family, we plan to help raise them to conquer the world.

My freaking Baby Blog

James Walker

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll / Unsplash