Losing weight has been a struggle for millions and I am not different in that respect. The last years, I do not know how, my counterpart in the mirror started to change.... I started to change ! ! !

So I need to do something. Not for others, well a little bit. My son is four years old, he needs a healthy father, but overall, I need to do this for myself, being healthy is good, exercising is good and losing weight if you are too heavy is .... hard ! ! !

I need to force myself and will do this by putting a wager on losing weight.

Everybody knows the Good Souls Group and I would like to donate to the Good Souls Group Vetted Charities. Besides GSG, I would like to include @jussyc123, who is collecting money for doggies and @XrpBoobs. So this is what I would like to do:

6 more days to September, to get mentally ready for this: "Losing 20 kilo's (40 European Pounds) before the end of year"; or more. This is 5 kilos (10 pounds) a month. I will put some XRP on it, in order for me to really do it and if not, I am going to pay for it. If I lose the following pounds, I will pay:

gaining Pounds - 500 xrp for each group
01 - 10 Pounds - 200 xrp for each group
11 - 20 Pounds - 150 xrp for each group
21 - 30 Pounds - 100 xrp for each group
31 - 40 Pounds - 50 xrp for each group
41 - -) Pounds - 1 xrp for each group (symbolic)

For my own wallet it would be wise to take this bet serious, but not getting the pounds off means money for the good causes, in other words, there is only winning, who is going to win tho?

If I do REALLY bad, if I gain weight, I will have to pay 4.000 XRP and if I lose 4 pounds, I pay 1.600 XRP. When I lose 42 pounds, I will only pay 8 XRP.

I will weigh myself on the 1st of September, to show what I have to lose!

This post is ALSO to inspire people, inspire to ALSO lose weight or to sponsor me and maybe others... How I see that:


Fellow "losers":

If you want to join me in battling overweight, send me a DM and I will put you on the list. YES, I will write about you and yes, you have to share your weight. Share me the pounds/ kilo's you want to get rid of and what it's worth to you...


If you want to sponsor me and/ or others, send me a DM, how you want to sponsor. SPONSORS pay the good causes first and besides, maybe me ! ! !

A sponsor could do something like:

01 - 10 Pounds - 1-5 xrp for each group
11 - 20 Pounds - 1-10 xrp for each group
21 - 30 Pounds - 1-15 xrp for each group
31 - 40 Pounds - 1-20 xrp for each group
41 - +) Pounds - 1-25 xrp for each group

Once again let me be clear: I DO NOT GET ANY OF THE FIRST XRP FOR THE BET!

please make it clear how you would like to sponsor, if this is what you want.

We can do sooooo much with XRP.


So we have 8 groups:

GSG Vetted Charities:

Children on the Edge
Filters of Hope
Happy Kids Dirty Hands
One More Home

Additional Charities (Not GSG Vetted):

Company of Dogs

If you have specific wants/ needs to be fellow 'loser' or sponsor, everybody can come up with the way how he/ she wants to donate; we can also do this anonymous; but it will be transparent ... if you have any ideas, any help, please share ...

I will share information regarding the good causes and will share updates ...