How horrible a story starts out sometimes, it can also show a chapter that 'bridges' the book together, changing the atmosphere of the story. But let's not go too fast.

A couple years ago my wife's back was hurting so she looked for a Chiropractor and there was this lady Becky, we found. An English lady that well... she was good with her hands.

Suddenly my back was also hurting, awaiting the magic hands, but I actually was surprised with two manly hands ..... Tom, her husband.... bummer. The greatest guy you've ever met, from Belgium, and we got a little more acquainted.

The two went back to the UK, as they wanted to start their own businesses. They started a hairdresser's and their own chiropractic office. But then December 17, early morning....

Tom woke up early morning, around 05:25 AM, as he smelled something he was not familiar with... and yes you can smell smoke. Fire crackling did not sounds normal either ....., so Tom decided to jump out of bed, not associating the noise in the house since they did not have a wood burner or a fire place.

Both persons sleep on the second floor in the attic rooms. Becky sleeps with the youngest, their daughter (1.5 years old) and Tom sleeps in the room next door, closer to the stairs, with their son (4.5 years old). Their marriage is great, but this is practical.

Tom went half down the stairs and already saw lots of smoke and fire the size of an adult in the living room.

Only thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach and makes me wonder if Tom is not a hero, being able to think straight and just take the proper actions:

  1. Going back upstairs, getting Becky, who took their daughter
  2. Grabbed their son and went downstairs and put him in the courtyard
  3. Instructed their son NOT to go inside
  4. Went back up to get Becky and daughter as it took a little too long for his own feeling. The smoke was to thick, Floor was warm and reality hit in their faces: this was REAL!
  5. Calling 999 (alarm number) the threesome ran together downstairs and knocked on neighboring doors to warn.
  6. The Foursome went to (grand)mother, down the road, looking back seeing the following:


Reality kicked in again, and the fire department arrived. 55 brave men and women fought the flames, but could not save a lot. Neighbors also were victim of Fire, Smoke and Water Damage; aweful situation:



After 2 hours the fire was under control, but the damage was done. And it was substantial.....


The 2 floor flat above the shop was simply gone
The shops suffered substantial water damage as well as collapsed ceilings.

After a visit to the hospital for a check concerning smoke inhalation, reality started to sink in.

The Four lost their home with all it's personal and emotional belongings, we lost both our businesses, but we were safe.

The first night was the worse, no one slept that night. Everything sounded like fire and it may take a little.

The village has been incredible. Started with donating food, clothing and toys from many people.

A wise lesson by Tom: Know a way out in case you have a house fire. Lock burglars out, but don't lock yourself in!

The insurance will cover several things, but not the chiropractic office. Tom does want to restart as soon as possible. A pop-up practice was setup during last weekend as life continues, soar backs, painful bums and people need treatment.... and people need income.... especially around Christmas.

Asking Tom, what he thinks about his fellow man: human beings are fantastic creatures. There are many more good people than bad people.

That is when the XRP Community is at it's best: the Community to the rescue:


I had to ask the XRP Community for their help and boy did they respond. Under the tweet it shows likes , retweets, and messages (still growing); overwhelming, heartwarming messages, tips and prayers. WoW, let me say it again, I like tipping, and I like to be XRP Community.

Messages included:

This is all I have..... It is not much, but ..... of course you get 5 XRP .... I DM'd you ....... Do you have a QR Code ..... Blessings ....
Amazing .....

Do know, Tom and Becky (and their children) have no clue about crypto currency, I asked Tom and he told me:

" Cryptocurrency is something I've been intrigued about, but never indulged in. I do remember a patient telling a few years back in Holland, I should get some ripples... I didn't "

Before you guys say: was it you Ferdi, who was the patient,... no I have to disapoint you, and you, reade, actually knew it was not me!!

..... Ripples ?!?!?!?!?

Company / Currency , blah, blah, blah .... I let this one slide Tom ....... NOOOO, TOM, it is XRP ....XRP!!! Ripple is the company and XRP is the Digital Asset.... :-)

So Tom: Swift, International Transaction, 4 days, Ripple, Bridged Asset .............................................................................................................. XRP.

.... XRPTipbot, this is a tool made by Wietse Wind and is used to show appreciation by tipping small amounts of XRP, up to 5 XRP, can you please visit www.xrptipbot and use your twitter credentials ....


Barely visible, 1 tip in the bag, by @sandwest79, amazing!


Many questions by Tom, not the right time. Let us do this, we do the rest and we did.

XRP Community on Twitter reacted, YouTubers did, amazing, once again: heartwarming.

Special shout out to Alex Cobb (@AlexCobb_) retweeting the tweet to his audience; the Digital Asset Investor (@digitalassetbuy) and CKJ (@CKJCryptonews) showing the tweet during their YouTube stream and also got viewers to donate, awesome. These three .... amazing to have in the Community. Sorry if I missed any, there is just sooo much content:

Alex Janssen was one of the first, awesome:


and as the community like to play with bears and bulls:


For once: let that Bear speak up; would be very welcome .....


Big Tips (5 is max, sorry, using tipbot):


Small Tips or ... eh .... well .... stay nice .....


Nice messages, yes the XRP Community is amazing; thank you Otto:


Helped by a YouTuber named Alex Cobb:


or during a video on YouTube by the Digital Asset Investor:


and receiving tips because of it. DAI, you are amazing:


or during another video on YouTube by CKJ Cryptonews:


Tom's own words:

"Bottom line is this:

The event showed me how much I love my wife and kids. Seeing them on the street in underwear and pajamas, whilst the house is burning down, made me realize what I already knew is most important in life. Love and family. Yet I didn't know I loved them so much!"

What else should be written. This is absolutely a beautiful message.

Rest me to write a personal message to Becky and Tom: my family cares for you and your loved once, so together with the XRP Community we raised:

465 XRP (rounded up) and counting

This is how it looks like if you send 465 XRP:

This is done via an exchange as I it is not possible from Tipbot to Tipbot:



and this is how it looks when Tom is told, your XRPTipBot has been filled:


(This was including 10 XRP that Tom received directly)!!!

Just so the reader knows, this text has been previewed by Tom and Becky, before it went live. They gave consent on everything.

I do want to write down, all the people that made this possible:

18o247, 204_712, 4azMedic, Abn_Stubby, AlexCobb_, alezan111, Ali_G_Ali_, AndyK_72, annaliz_george, B_chainUnited, BambooXRP, bartgeen, becjaks, bigbuckor, BirdDog1227, Blue31388538, BobbiMarquez197, bot22_4, Brandfishing1, BrentWyk, bnbozo, chellefire, CKJCryptonews, cranders71, CryptoEspi, CryptosaurusRe1, cryptovonripple, D_MarcMcFarland, DarkMark311, Dave_Jonez_02, DerFlegik, DiogoHNobrega, Dutch_XRP, DutchXrp, ecossexrp1, eli91166255, ErikvanDijk, eschry, fairygirl7777, FreakinRican420, GalacticFlotsam, gaz2gaz, Gbrtnff, gogzun, giulia12 ,haydentiff, Hodor, Hoekstraaa1, inevergoeasy, jeremy_87110, jeroentv, JLynn4u, JonesMerlina, jornico2, Kai_Lange, katemossalike, kingblue_XRP, kryptonian_23, kryptoren11, LapinetteGSM, Ldnservices24, lesliephilly, LuisVe777, luv2hodl, ManglaShubham94, ManuelittoC, MartianWarVet, MatthewLINY, mhschmidt2, MichaelBoccuzzi, MichaelManfield, MillenaireC, mkstephan1, Montecapibara, moon_baby312, Mr_Fjeld, myster___x, nate_detroit, Natko, NewJackHodler, Nickk331, NordicAnn, NorseXrp, Ocean_4549, OttoXRP, palmerxrp1, PhillyTheK1d, polkerpan, pratik_dhote, Puppa881, regretandreward, Richie98000206, RikoFntz, ripple_nipples, RobertLe88, RoterVodka, rovaking, RTB_Dutchy, RuiParreira4, rxhector, sandwest79, Sem_XRP, sentosumosaba, sertscho_fruta, shariq911, ShawnSchaeffe10, silhouettesign, sincerelygeorge, sleone_76, Slo_Judge, @stephenchip, steve46166200, StewXrp, super_smitty, SwagXrp, swissengine, task_jon, Terrygil00, thompsanator, tonymission, TPaschali, Truthbot1666, Vkumzy, warkthx, weareone__team, XRP_Bully, xrp_chrisinger, XrpGoat, XRP_Var_Emreis, XRPisVelocity, XRPJUNKY, xrpNuts, XrpTheBase, XTRA_HRDCOR_XRP.

I hope I wrote down everybody and I am really sorry if I forgot your name.

These people represententing the whole world, showing what we can do, when we unite, to help one another.

I am really proud of the XRP Community.

To show you all this is not fake and it is not a scam; sorry, I have to share this:


Thank you DAI and CKJ for calling me real XRP material ..... I would like to think I am; Tom was even mentioned in the newspaper:


Holiday Season is around the corner, so please be careful; candles will be used, that can cause problems. Be careful with off brand chargers, check on outlets, microwaves, ovens and other equipment to warm food and/ or drinks.

The final words are for Tom & Becky:


But the final FINAL words, I would like to give to Tom, as he moved me with the following words:

"The event showed me how much I love my wife and kids. Seeing them on the street in underwear and pajamas, whilst the house is burning down, made me realize what I already knew is most important in life. Love and family. Yet I didn't know I loved them so much!"