I am sitting here in St. Tropez thinking that life is so fast, we sometimes forget what we are doing. You spend more time with your colleagues than with your partner/ family, loved ones, if you work fulltime. That is certainly okay, if you like what you are doing (I am). Why stressing in your own time because it is not going like you want it to go.

Shorting, your coin/ token or other investment vehicle is going up, oops, not nice.

Going long and the market just does not go forward, but instead it is in reverse... don't stress.

Specifically the XRP Hodler, it will all be good. The XRP Community knows it, we are prepared for a brighter future, as we educate ourselves with news, facts and interesting stories from fellow investors/ Hodler's.

If this person says .... I will do this .... We trust each other and that is a good thing. Many attacks by people, information sources that benefit of us breaking apart, not going to happen. The level of educated people as a whole is just to thick-skinned to get through.

It does not make sense to look at the price all the time. Although you should never invest with money that you cannot set aside for a couple years, you still want to know how XRP and other coins/ tokens are doing. Relax a little, spend some quality time with your family as crypto is figuring out what the bottom is. Take 0.30 cents as the bottom, so if we are not there, don't bother looking. (I know you have to look to know if it is at 0,30 cents, just don't)
BTC is still controlling ALT coins, on the verge de-coupling. It is really a waiting game and if you want to do something different:

Just for fun, I created the

RIPPLE/ XRP Word Seeker Puzzle.


Summer is coming, children may need to be entertained while driving / flying for hours to the final destination; may give them something to do. 80 words that have something to do with the community, spelled forward, backward and diagonally in the soup of letters. Some of the words appear more than once! I already gave you one word: GiponF.

It could also be that you are coming home from a long day of work, sit down, have a drink and together with your loved ones, you can solve this. The letters that are NOT used at the end, will form a sentence making

Ripple sense.

So, go go go,

Tweet me if you liked it, but .... just write a tweet, that you found the answer, without giving it, don't spoil it for others .....