So September has started and my challenge has begun: Losing 40 pounds in 4 months. Challenge excepted. It looks like 4 people are also going to do a challenge; will discuss this in a next blog, as I want to make sure they are going to enter the challenge and okay with the rules. I also have 1 sponsor that is tied to my challenge, will also write about that in a follow up blog.

I will do bi-weekly blogs about the contest to show improvement or lack of improvement, as it is only dedication and regularity.


As earlier shown in my life, running seems to be my thing to lose weight. Lack of regularity was my problem but now it will be different:


The titles already shows you, is it for XRP or against XRP !!! I love Ripple/ XRP, so I don't want to give them away ... for a stupid bet. If I DO lose my bet, in a way it is good because 8 good causes will receive XRP; but still does not sit well ... enough .. sorry charities.

So, once again, why losing weight:

  1. To be (more) healthy
  2. My son and my wife deserve it

I need to be pushed and therefore this is the beginning. I don't as much see it as a diet; I see it as a change of "lifestyle". Need to watch food and need to be more active. My wife will help me with 'the food plan' and indirectly my son will help me with getting out more. Play soccer with the little man and just BE ACTIVE.

So my challenge in numbers:

I want to lose 40 pounds before January First, so within the months September, October, November and December

gaining Pounds - 500 xrp for each group
01 - 10 Pounds - 200 xrp for each group
11 - 20 Pounds - 150 xrp for each group
21 - 30 Pounds - 100 xrp for each group
31 - 40 Pounds - 50 xrp for each group
41 - -) Pounds - 1 xrp for each group (symbolic)

I like to lose and not lose, lose weight and NOT lose the bet !!!

In the end, I need to do it all by myself, but we are going to do it as a team, and I will also support everybody that wants to join in. I am a great motivator and although the charities motivate me, losing weight and NOT losing my bet motivates me even more.


I would like to pick up running again. Running 2-3 miles, around 5 km is already a task. I want to be able to do 13 miles, 21 km again, better known as the half marathon, after the bet! No, it is not going to happen overnight, but together with the Nike App, and we can become friends on it, we can get the mileage in and we can motivate each other!

Three - eh one more picture I need to add: I am starting with the weight I am currently at:


and two more I took but will NOT add yet, to make it not TOO personal. I took a picture of myself front and side, what may be interesting afterwards, see if differences are visible after 4 months. It better be !!!.

So we are going to start with 113.1 Kilo's = 226.2 pounds. I definitely want to see a number below 100 kilo's (200 pounds) and I know I will succeed.

Update in 14 days ! ! !

I will post earlier blogs about the bet:

Losing weight for Good Causes - X R P ! ! !