It has almost been 5 months since XRParcade was created. Since then, we have tried to enrich it with more content and bring our (and the community’s) ideas to life.

One of our ideas was the creation of an application that would incentivize users to visit websites or perform specific tasks (like completing a survey, watching a video or reading an article) by earning small amounts of XRP. This way, websites can increase their visitor count and users can earn a few drops of XRP. This feature is similar to the “faucet” faction that already exists with various other cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin). However, such faucets usually require the user to accumulate a minimum amount of Satoshis (fractions of a Bitcoin) before being able to withdraw to their own wallet. Moreover, the cost of transferring one’s earnings is usually too expensive. This is not the case with XRP.

It is with our great pleasure that we announce the beta release of our Tipper application. The Tipper application utilizes Wietse’s XRPtipbot, a very popular bot/app that is being widely used by the XRP community. The reason we chose to use the XRPtipbot is not only because it is already very popular but also because users can withdraw their XRP at very little cost and at great speed. Essentially, a user could earn 0.001 XRP by visiting one website and instantly withdraw it to his personal wallet.

Website owners can use the Tipper to attract traffic to their website or a specific page they wish to promote. They can set the amount of XRP they wish to tip, the frequency (tip every user only once or once every x amount of time) and the task (visit the website, complete a survey, view a video, etc). And this is just the beginning!

We will be testing the Tipper on one of our new sections on XRParcade, the demographics. We have prepared a few questions, addressed towards the XRP community, in order to learn more about the people that believe in XRP, their aspirations and targets. Visitors will be able to claim 0.001 XRP if they visit our demographics page. They will be able to claim it even without completing the survey, although we would appreciate it if they did.

We will be thoroughly testing the Tipper and continue to build on it, thus enabling one more usecase for XRP.