I've wanted a one-stop-shop for Ripple/XRP announcements and developments, so I put together a website for it. also redirects here.

The Internet of Value Timeline tracks the progress of the XRP ecosystem and Ripple's efforts in creating the internet of value. Timeline events are sourced from notable Ripple Insights and other developments. I will periodically update the site when I can find the time and I welcome suggestions for timeline content @KlaytM on Twitter, or obi1xrpobi on Reddit. When I look at the series of developments over the years (and I know this list is not comprehensive at all) its hard to think that any other company/asset in the space is anywhere near Ripple/XRP right now. I've been following Ripple for over a year and seeing their work in a timeline format makes me wonder why I worry sometimes.

My take: Ripple's history is not entirely devoid of controversy, but any such imperfections pale in comparison to the results produced from their strategy. Estranged co-founder Jed McCaleb holds a large amount of XRP and R3 is still in court with Ripple over another large amount of the digital asset. The former risk is managed through a settlement agreement and the latter is yet to be decided, but in my opinion would only be a temporary speed-bump and likely settled similarly if R3 previals. XRP is now listed on over 60 exchanges, Ripple is working with 40-50 central banks, giants like MUFG (world's 5th largest bank) and eZforex (serving 1,000 financial institutions) are driving network effects, and large payment providers like Moneygram are sending banks a message - innovate or be left behind. The World Economic Forum has predicted that around 10% of global GDP (~$8 trillion) will reside on blockchains within the next decade, and Ripple is carving out an extremely strong position early on to capture a large portion of that. The leadership team and board of directors are a who's who of industry experts, and we've seen Ripple poach talent from many of the world's most prestigious companies and institutions. Leadership, talent, technology, partnerships. They have it all. Detractors like to point out that xCurrent works without XRP, but everyone has access to an instant payment system. Ripple and XRP have first-mover advantage with the only instant settlement solution between any financial institutions that do not have a direct relationship; the $27 trillion problem. With the cross-border payments vertical mastered, the Xpring initiative is primed to expand the XRP ecosystem into an unknown number of new use-cases. After years of development, pilots and speculation the stage is set for faster payment systems including Ripple to reach scale around 2020 and beyond.