Do you like tips? What about XRP tips? Are you feeling generous and want to tip someone? You can now tip on Twitter with XRP Tip Bot ( @xrptipbot ) - you just need to have a Twitter account (username) and you are ready to go!

What is an XRP Tip Bot?

XRP Tip Bot is one of the most popular applications in use by Tweeter users developed by Wietse Wind (a software developer from The Netherlands). XRP Tip Bot is multi-platform tip application which works for three major social media platforms: Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

XRP Tip Bot allows Twitter (or Reddit) users to send XRP (Ripple) to each other through Tweets (or comments).

If you are feeling generous and want to send a tip to your friends, followers or anybody with a Twitter account you can now you use this incredibly useful, simple and fun tool.

But you can't go mad with tips. There are some limits you must be aware of:

  1. Tipping amount limit: 5 XRP per tip
  2. Withdrawal limit: 100 XRP / month

How to send a tip?

STEP 1 - Login into XRP Tip Bot
You will need first to login in into your XRP Tip Bot account using your Twitter username (no registration required). Go to this page


STEP 2 - Deposit some XRP
You will need to deposit XRP to your XRP Tip Bot account first. All you need is a positive balance of XRP and you can begin tipping. You can can add XRP to your balance in three different ways:

  1. XRP deposit: deposit XRP from an exchange or your wallet
  2. Coil: deposit with your Coil subscription*
  3. ILP: deposit to your ILP payment pointer

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STEP 3 - Start tipping
When you find a post that you like simply reply to that post (user). Use this format to send a tip: + @xrptipbot e.g. type +0.123456 @xrptipbot to send 0.123456 XRP to the user you reply to (Twitter / Discord*).


If your tweet is not a reply, the tip goes to the twitter user first mentioned in your tweet except if that's you yourself or @xrptipbot. Also note that retweets don’t trigger tips.

What if you want to send multiple tips all at once? This would be the syntax then:

[User Mention] [+amount] [XRP Tip Bot mention] e.g.:
@WietseWind +2 @xrptipbot
@RobertLe88 +1 @xrptipbot

This is a very cool way to spread the love ❤ to multiple Twitter users in one tweet!

When you find a post on Reddit that you like simply reply with a comment. Use this format to send a tip: + /u/xrptipbot, eg. +1.25 /u/xrptipbot (reddit). The tipping amount limit is the same as for the Twitter users: 5 XRP per tip.

Your earnings in XRP

On your XRP Tip Bot account page you can check the following tips stats:

  1. Tips sent
  2. Tips received
  3. ILP / Coil deposits (deposits aquired from your Coil web-enabled site)
  4. XRP Balance (total XRP balance)


How to embed the XRP Tip Bot on your own website/blog?

Using a small script code you can embed the XRP Tip Bot on your own website or blog. When a XRP Tip Bot user visits your website, he/she can send you a tip with just one click on a button. How cool is that!!!

Insert the following script on your website/blog. Make sure you replace the "to" field in the code with your Twitter username (i.e. replace "stedas" with your username)

<a amount="0.25" size="275" to="stedas" network="twitter" href="" target="_blank"></a>
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

You can see how the XRP Tip Bot button looks like below:
You can customize the amount (e.g. amount="0.25") and size (e.g. size="275") parameters. Please note that a tipping amount limit is set to 5 XRP per tip.

How to withdraw XRP?

You can always withdraw XRP to your wallet (as long as you have some XRP in your XRP Tip Bot account). Remember, current withdrawal limit is 100 XRP / month. To do this, you must provide:

  1. XRP amount you want to withdraw (e.g. 20 XRP)
  2. public XRP wallet address (e.g. rPEPPER7kfTD9w2To4CQk6UCfuHM9c6GDY )
  3. destination tag, if required (e.g. 1475)
  4. Click “Withdraw” to proceed. The transaction will be executed within a few minutes.

***** NOTES *****

  1. If you want to tip someone on Discord, the syntax is the same as for the Twitter users: + @xrptipbot e.g. type +0.123456 @xrptipbot
  2. Retweets don’t trigger tips.
  3. You do not need to deposit to your XRP Tip Bot account to receive tips


  1. XRP Tip Bot (Twitter)
  2. XRP Tip Bot (Website)
  3. Stedas