Are you a blogger, YouTuber or other website content creator? Start using Coil to monetize your web page content and get paid in XRP.

What is web monetization?

Coil uses an open API called Web Monetization in order to pay sites in real-time via Interledger protocol (ILP). This way, sites can securely provide rewards to any users who have Web Monetization enabled, creating a self-sustaining economy.

Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber or regular content creator you can now accept streaming payments in digital assets like XRP, BTC or ETH via Coil.

How to monetize your content (blog, YouTube etc.)?

Start using Coil to monetize your web page content in a few easy steps:

Sign up for Coil account here.

In order to receive payments you will need a Payment Pointer that you can get through XRP Tip Bot (Twitter, Reddit, or Discord accounts acceptable).

Login at using your Reddit / Twitter / Discord username. No registration required.*

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After you have loged in at XRP Tip Bot visit this page and copy your Payment pointer.

Then visit your account at Coil and paste the copied Payment pointer:
(Coil > Account > Payment Pointer)

Insert this code in the <head></head> of your website (Coil > Account > Web Monetized Sites). Make sure your Payment pointer is correct in this code (replace "stedas" with your username)

<script src=""></script> 
<script src=""></script> 
paymentPointer: '$' 

Visit and check if your Coil implementation is OK.

How to link a YouTube channel to Coil?

  1. Visit Coil account (
  2. choose "Social accounts" tab
  3. click on the “Login to YouTube” button*
  • You need to specify a Payment Pointer before you can Web Monetization enable your social accounts.
  • youtube-coil-integration

VIDEO: Web monetization in action

The video below shows real-time auto tipping while reading an online article
(view the XRP counter in the bottom - left corner).

View video on YouTube:

Your earnings in XRP

If you connected your Coil account with Twitter you can check your ILP / Coil deposits and the sum of all Coil payments. Great!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. When you will send invitations to users on your waitlist? When do you make Coil registrations fully open to the public?

Registration will be open at some point but we don't have a precise date when that will happen.

  1. How does the payment process work? Does Coil pay per page / site / time?

Coil pays per time.

  1. What if user opens multiple tabs, do they all start charging or only the one the user is reading?

Hidden tabs are not paid; payment is split between all Web Monetized active pages and active devices (so 1 page open would get 100 micro xrp per second but 3 pages open would each get 33 micro xrp per second).

  1. What happens when visitor leaves the computer on a particular page for hours on end and do nothing? Does that keep the timer running racking up charges?

Nothing "racks up charges" because the user doesn't pay per usage. If you stay on a page for a long time, though, that page will continuously be paid. Users who purposely abuse the system by idling on their own page may have their subscriptions disabled, though.

  1. Do you also work on other browsers? What about the Brave browser?

Web monetization also works in Firefox and mobile chrome/Firefox on android. It may work in other android browsers or desktop browsers but it doesn't work on Safari or iOS. We are currently not working on Brave integration. The non-extension flow should work in Brave, though.

  1. Is the Chrome extension mandatory?

No, you can also enable Web monetization by registering coil with the web monetization polyfill. There will be a button to do that instead of installing a Chrome extension if you're in a browser other than Chrome.

  1. Is it true that 1000 drops is approximately 10 sec for every Web Monetization enabled visitor? *

Yes. Assuming that 1000 drops = 10 sec, then 1 XRP = 166 min.

  • The rate is currently defined as 30 millionth of a dollar per second
  1. If I'm using Coil, will I still see ads?

It's up to the creator. Coil isn't an ad blocker, but creators may disable ads for their viewers who support them via Coil. We expect this will be just one of the ways that creators reward their Coil subscribers, in addition to exclusive/early access to high-quality content.

  1. Can content creator be paid in other currencies or he/she gets paid in XRP (via XRP Tip Bot)? What if a visitor doesn't have a Twitter or Reddit account. How can he/she signup at Coil?

Payment goes over the Interledger network, so it works with any currency. Right now, though, XRP tip bot is the most usable for typical users. User could run "moneyd" and "ilp-spsp-server" to achieve the same effect without a Twitter/reddit/discord account.

  1. Does content creator need to have installed Chrome extension to earn money from content. Is this mandatory?

A content creator doesn't need to have the Chrome extension installed to earn money.

FAQ compiled and created by XRP community members: @haydentiff @Love_my_ripples @CryptoJustinUK @BlueNETGaming @StyleXrp @stedas

*** NOTES ***

  1. You don't need to have an invitation (or even register with Coil nor have the Chrome extension installed) to get paid - all you need to do is to add the javascript code to your website (step 5) and have Payment pointer inserted (step 4).

  2. You don't need a subscription in order to earn money with your content. You only need a subscription if you want Coil to donate to other content creators for you.

  3. You need an active subscription to pay money for your own content (for testing purposes), but if you don't have an active subscription then other users who do have active subscriptions will still be able to pay you.


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