There's never a dull moment it seems where FUD is concerned. We, the XRPcommunity, and XRP are constant targets. Ripple too gets it's fair share.

We should all know that the "F" stands for Fear. I'll admit that on occasion when I read some FUD related BS a twinge of fear will alter my thinking, although in the beginning when I first invested it was more frequent. Fear is not a nice feeling. More often than not the source is not real yet the horrible feeling is very real. Some fear is necessary in our every day life. It's healthy but the fear associated with FUD is not. All who've put our hard earned money on the line with XRP did so on Faith. Another "F" word but one that helps keep us... Focused.

"F" words abound. There really is nothing to Fear with XRP and everything it stands for and everything it has yet to become. The next time some FUD BS enters your mind shift your Focus to all the incredible things Ripple is doing as well as Coil and other's. Read Hodor's blog or archived Ripple Newsletter's. Everything is in black and white. Keep the Faith, as hard as it may be, but please try not to say Fuck It and bail out. Don't let the Fear win because FUD is the loser.

Fear not! Remain Focused! Keep the Faith! Forge ahead! Feel good! Turn to a Friend! XRPcommunity is Family! The last thing any of us want is to look back a few years from now and say "I really Fucked that up!"