The alarm went, followed by a left hand .... S N O O Z E !!! Before the clock was able to sound again, a bang was heard, running little legs and there he was.... the little monster.

He jumped on the bed and a big smile was visible ..... oh every day, it is awesome to see that little happy face.... to be woken up by this little bundle of joy.

I got out of the bed, feeling pretty well, another day feeling well, what was the day going to bring.... oh yes, I was bringing the little one to school, followed by going to work, HA ! ! ! ! ! Not this one ..... over a month now, I had not been in the work environment, and this all because of Tom Channick:



Ripple tokens ...... XRP Tokens, man I can remember it like yesterday .... walking the park.... deciding to buy those three life changing letters:

X R P ! ! ! ! !

Was a late one last night, had a phone discussion with David G., he was right again. That guy has always been open-minded, talkative and right .... it is like your parents, no dad, no mom, and in the end you found out they were right, yes dad, yes mom; always with class tho. Like David G.

After bringing that little hero to school, I did not have to do anything; well, do stuff I wanted to be, because XRP had given us financially freedom. Well, actually let me take that back.... "THE DECISION" to invest in financial vehicle XRP was a good decision, a VERY GOOD decision.

If you enjoy life, it does not change a lot if it welcomes a big amount of money. Happiness lays in little things, a sudden butterfly passing by ..... a free cookie at the super market .... freshly washed bed sheets.... a lambo ..... a good morning kiss from a loved one.

Where did that lambo come from .... I remember .... When Lambo..... When Moon.... Well, we got it ... December 2019 we received it .... the start was there, I could not believe it, my wife could not believe it, the XRP Community could not believe it.... So fast, so .... Wow ! ! ! !

One more kiss, daddy, one more kiss. Oh I love that little buddy ... Daddy has to do some shopping, what would you like to eat, pancakes .... ? Yes daddy, and ice cream.... no ice cream buddy, it is not weekend, little more sleeping and you got it buddy. Now, go play, mommy and daddy will pick you up later today.

Instead of going to the right side, going to the office, I went to the left, heading to the supermarket, always fun.... As I was inside I went for milk, fruit, and some meat. Had to get some cookies for the little one and some water. Coming at the cashiers, the lady in front of me was standing at the wrong place, she wanted to pay cash and this was the card checkout only .... She was going through her wallet , struggling to find the proper plastic. Oh, what... I will help the lady, lady can you please put the receipt with my groceries ... I will pay with the appropriate card. No that is not needed sir, just give me your hand and I will give it cash to you..... No, mam, this is your lucky day, heck, I will pay for everybody that stands at the cashier, the man with the hat, the Iron Maiden T-shirt, the lady with the little dog and the two girls, come over here with ALL the receipts.....

Wow that felt good, just shouting it out, I wanted to PAY,... but why sir, you don't have to ... BECAUSE I CAN and .... BECAUSE I WANT ! ! !

It really was a magnificent feeling sliding the card and paying with ..... XRP ! ! ! Who said it was not smart, 2017, me going in .... crypto, fake coin, bubble .... paying now, 3 XRP for all these people.

Man, let's do something fun... something ..... I always ..... I KNOW IT, suddenly I got that twinkle in my eyes.... was only thinking: I need a table cloth.

Went back into isle 6 and picked up a big yellow/ white cloth, that would serve the purpose that was running my mind. I had to, this was the PERFECT moment.

I picked up my phone, as I heard the Justin Bieber ringtone ........ Saeed. Hey mate,..... doing fine, shopping at the moment..... Yes, Yes, I will visit Dubai in the next four weeks; just have to schedule it. I finally want to drive it, your orange animal... 300 KM/ H, I don't know buddy, don't know..... will Whatsapp you later this week with some dates, bye friend.

Honey I am home and got a surprise, stay upstairs for a moment and I will call you. OK, hon.

I put the plates down, wanted it all nicely setup like a table that is ready to serve a party of 4 for a festive party diner of 5 courses. Hon, please join me and take a picture of this beautiful table... ok, but do we have guests for diner, do I have to prepare something, is Hodor coming over with his family???

No no, he is coming over in 4 weeks, his turn this time! Is going to be fun, remember ,we .... no no, we have something else. Nothing tonight but RIGHT NOW ! ! ! ! !


I don't understand, what does the table mean..... I grabbed two corners and the next moment, it was a lot of noise ......... but actually no broken china/ glass ..... I felt sooooo good, so not invincible as the task was not completed in full ....


Honey, can you please put those plates straight again and .......... NO ! ! and that was that!!

So at 2, I had a meeting with Rick, seeing what he was doing .... We were meeting each other at Starbucks, where we planned in detail, , code name "The Journey" .... The fake bull-run, WE were there, still tattooed on our ankles, like young teenager making Panama City unsafe during Spring Break ....

Oh, phone call, ..... Hey Rainmaker, why I still call her this, her twitter handle, because it is SUCH a cool name! At the moment, I am with ... Oh, really WOW, Yes, I will look at it ...... Will call you tonight, thank you. Amazing all the things she had achieved, having her own business, over 30 people, dreams came through, but,.... was just a matter of time!

Rick was looking good, promised himself a watch and he was showing his Patek with a big smile around his face. Receiving the 'forever friends' hug, we sat at a table and Rick showed his watch: 300 XRP, had to do it, just had to ..... I know Rick, your first little present, six digits in the bank and that would be your victory price. I like it, but ... so how is the wife,... 4 months in now? Yes, getting excited, man, becoming a father, it is going to be awesome. I'm going to spoil the little brad ... I mean brat a lot.

Just so happy Rick, 2018 did not look so bright, red was your color, and boy, it almost was exit relationship.... we love each other and boy, we will have an awesome wedding. Kauai, so happy, you talked me into it, looking forward, you in charge of the bachelor party, as we could ..... Rick we will be fine.... No worries, it is going to be a party...

Speaking about parties, come outside, need to show you something..... and there it was, he had to buy it, a mustang.... what could I say, SO Rick. A beast, drives well, only I need to slow down a bit more, doesn't warn me with the radars .....

We ordered some coffee and just mentioned some words.... Shadow-banned, BG123, FUD, Red, Greener, G R E E N ..... G R E E N ! ! !

Guess who called me the other day, KickBoy from the Zoo, wanted to talk about his own clothing line; will help him design, may be invited on the Zoo Stream; can you imagine .... 35.000 people listening about me designing!!!


Nice Rick, yeah I know, the ZOO, grew faster than we were ever able to imagine. But, Kick yes, good man he is, matter of fact, send a Dutch dress to him, for his daughter. May have put the wrong state on the package; wrote South Carolina on it ..... Hope she will still receive! I may talk to him, later today.

I actually have plans to meet up with Brad Kimes. Entering total new dimensions, drone flying. Pretty wild, Jungle also had a couple ideas, will keep you up to date..... Don't drive to fast

Going home I hugged my wife and felt richer than rich. Yes, XRP in cash was nice, XRP as a payment vehicle was nice, but having the lady of my life in my arms, priceless.... hmm was I in a commercial. Our life seemed a dream though, had a little struggle, but it had paid off. Let's get the little one...

We both went to school and saw him running in the school yard. Was having fun, no worrying about life, just playing.... Time ticking away.... I have to say, I have missed that a little last year. Family life went by and I did not always notice it; that I-phone, it was just too easy to check progress.... or no progress. Now, things were different, life had changed, changed forever. Suddenly everybody's friend, yes he will pay, because XRP....

We went home and at night I called my XRP Zoo friends... we had promise each other, we would stay in contact, although hard, it still was the case. Fighting illness, hard times, friends telling us, what were we doing, but we made it. Sometimes it just goes like that.

Asia started it and we wanted to honor that. Pretty crazy but this year we wanted to actually start a tradition, meet each other in all parts of the world. Japan was going to be the first one. Eri was going to join and who did not want to meet the lady that showed us the way. Just a little longer and we would fly there. Agendas were filling fast and this was fun.

Reminds me, I have to call Superman. The XRP man behind the masked hero, wanted to meet up somewhere in Europe to share his identity; inspired by XRP Trump. Wow, what a shocker was that..... but ..... actually it was not. Another memory, Michael still had an un-answered question on whatsapp, about meeting him and Patty in NYC..... all those people, places, meetings, life changed, it was awesome......

When you start something you have to go in full-hearted and see if it goes the distance. With the XRP Community I felt strong, I feel strong and will always feel strong. Like family, we pursuit the same, but with the values of trust, being a family and dignity. Laying bed, looking back at the day, I could not say I did a lot, but it was satisfying. Seeing Rick is always fun and just in general life was laughing at me, at us.

Tomorrow I was planning to play cards with the old people again. Like doing that, had done it, and would not stop doing it. It is so much fun, making fun with the older ladies... getting cookies from the 92-year old lady, who was secretly a little bit in love with me .... secretly. Rewarding and it is doing something back to the community,...... community , that got a new meaning since December 2017

And maybe if I have some time,............. I had to pick up another table cloth :-)

This story is written for the XRP Community in a time that giving up sometimes seems to be a solution, but never is THE solution! Do remember, it can/ could and always WILL turn out the way YOU WANT it to be. As long as you do not put a timeline on it, as this will shatter your dreams, like china on top of a pulled table cloth. Be patient, be good and good things will happen.

Fact or Fiction, you tell me .......

Oh and Hodor, we are already planning the next one; October will be a fact, and yes, we will meet in Belize ; - ) Fueling the plane!!!