What's an Endpoint? Why do I want to know them? Am I wasting my time?

There's been a lot of discussion on this topic - and it's something I've decided to setup as a permanent link... so make sure you bookmark it as when new Endpoints become available... I'll make sure to update this post.

An 'Endpoint' is defined by Wikipedia as:

Endpoint, the entry point to a service, a process, or a queue or topic destination in service-oriented architecture.

An 'Endpoint' is defined by 'druva.com' as:

The endpoint is a device or node that is connected to the LAN or WAN and accepts communications back and forth across the network.

An 'Endpoint' is defined by 'ItsJustPW' (me) as:

A link you can add to the end of a URL to show you 'something'

Credit to: https://www.endpointclinical.com - I just like their logo ;)

Why do I want to know them?

Endpoints can be interesting because they can display 'things' about your server, your setup, who it's connected to and pretty much anything else which is programmed to display 'something' given a specific link. While I'm sure there's a very technical explanation by people a LOT smarter than me, I'm wanting to keep things as easy to understand as possible. So, that being said, the format of this post will show you a /URL which you would view by entering the text at the END of your URL. For example:

This is an explanation of what the endpoint 'peers' would show you at the end of your URL. https://codius.scserver.host/peers

The Endpoints:


This is an array of 10 random peers known to your Codius Host. Refresh the page, and this will show you another 10. (Provided you're connected to more than 10)

eg. (shown on multiple lines here, but on a single line in your browser)



This will simply show you what version of the Codius software you're server is running.


{"name":"Codiusd (JavaScript)","version":"1.0.4"}


/info - From v1.1.0

This displays a new paramiters about your server. Below is the information on the http://codius.scserver.host server: NOTE: I have split this onto multiple lines to make it easier to read... but in your browser, it will show on a single line at the time of writing.


Let's break this down a little further:

fullMem - If the amount of memory available full?
serverUptime - How long (in minutes) has the server been available
serviceUptime - How long (in minutes) has the Codius service been available
avgLoad - The average load of the server
numPeers - The number of peers the server is currently connected to
currency - The currency being used by the server in which payment is made
costPerMonth - The cost per month, in the currency configured which is charged.
uri - The URL of the server

Thanks to: @steffenmanden for the Endpoint