Crypto, if you follow it, you spend your time on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Binance, Uphold, Facebook, Bitrue, Instagram, Coinbase, Delta, many words you probably visit daily .... YouTube, yes belongs to it also and names like Alex Cobb, Digital Asset Investor, Jungle Inc, XRPZOO, Brad Kimes, Kungfunerd, SPQR, Rob Cash, To The Lifeboats, CKJ, DM Logic, XRPMinute, should all be familiar names, forgetting 1, 1 big name in the YouTube world: Crypto Eri, Fluff or .... Who is she, why Japan, why SBI, why... why ..... why ! ! !

So who is the lady that share with us all the Japanese news and knowledge. Where did it all start?

: I grew up in San Francisco Bay Area, age 9 to age 23, then moved to the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), followed by Los Angeles before I moved to Tokyo.


The picture was of a young Eri, trying to learn how to tapdance ..... Eri .... stick with SBI, please.... cute pic.... but .... eh .... NO ! ! !

So, besides Tapdance (sorry have to bring that up a couple times), what kept you busy growing up?

: In my teens, I was horse crazy and showed my horses in Western Halter, Equitation and Trail Classes along with dabbling in Endurance Riding for a few of years. I was lucky to live where I could take my horses to swim in Felt Lake (yes, horses do swim), sneak on to Neil Young’s (of CSNY) land looking for the rumored buffalo he had, along with heavenly rides through the orchard of Mr. and Mrs. Packard (of HP), eating as many ripe apricots as one could do during the summers. I basically lived on the back of a horse for about 10 years. In addition to horses, I loved sports & swam competitively, was the first girl on the boy’s water polo team in Jr. High, and played softball in High School. Even did a bit of softball coaching.

Interesting and well, to be honest, I did not see that coming, tapd .... I mean horses .... So a power lady in the making? ....

: I’m not a power lady. Just a hard worker, who loves to work. Never afraid to fail, which I’ve done plenty of.

Well, if people see you the same as I do, they definitely see you as a hard worker, in depth research and you know your crypto ! ! !

Talking about Crypto, how did you get into it, how did you get into Ripple / XRP?

: It was the gateway drug BTC. As an expat, we really understand the value and challenges of moving money from country to country. The fact is also that it is NOT tied to a country, appealed very much to me. So, in January 2014, I bought BTC. As you probably have heard, I forgot my password, and lost my 12 word recovery to my wallet. I still try possible passwords occasionally. You can try as often as you like, without being locked out. It wasn’t until about 2 years later, I got serious in researching the use case for XRP. I got it immediately.

It made a ton of sense and the bull run of 2017 was a blast.

As we all know YouTube CryptoEri, can you tell us if you have a favourite Video?

: .... Many! ! ! !

Especially the ones that required a lot of deep research. I love to be the first to uncover something important to the community.

And she has, she does and more than likely will do that again. I have followed CryptoEri well over a year and if you follow her you know there is a lot of energy in her videos supported by a lot of factual news, but also the fluff

So CryptoEri, what changed this year with XRP?

: People in the community are getting very well educated on many aspects of the space. This has been the biggest change for me in 2019. I’m talking to an intellectual audience that is hungry for knowledge and doing a lot of their own research. The so-called Army has also become very tight knit and I love the cross communication by everyone on various platforms. As a community, because of the flack thrown at us from ridiculously uninformed media, paid writers and Maxi’s, intelligence has been the most effective weapon to counter the FUD. Couple this with using all types of SNS to communicate the facts, in a non-combative or aggressive way is working. Take for example the recent conversations SamIam and Scott Hamilton have had with others in the BTC camps. That has gone a long way.

Yes, ... although, many people that are not invested in XRP, seem to talk down on Ripple / XRP, the XRP Community seems to be very knowledgable and it is to me also something new ... First of all sharing so much with eachother, and teaching/ learning all the time ! ! ! The XRP Community is large and very active, how did YOU become a YouTuber?

: I started a YouTube Sumo channel. Love that sport! Since the YouTube Channel was an English speaking channel, the love for the sport NOT really worldwide, it was one of my failures. I decided to talk Crypto.

I covered every project in the beginning that I thought was interesting. It was when Mr. Okita from SBI was on TV talking about the mobile payment app using Ripple technology, I started to pay more attention to XRP ! ! !

Funny to give CryptoEri some keywords, that are covered a lot in her videos; I give the word and you tell us, what you think of:

: An absolute powerhouse partner. Can’t wait to see what the sister company XE does as well.


Western Union?
: Confusing as all get out.

: Busy changing the world, and listens to Mr. Kitao

: Moving to a new level of partnership, leveraging a business network of 40+ years to bring Ripple thousands of new users, not hundreds.


: Has some serious catch-up to do, but the financial, marketing and competitiveness to be number 1 in Japan.

: In trouble financially with huge debt due soon. They need to raise capital or find a buyer.

: Need more time to evaluate their recent decision.

: Vocalink was a HUGE acquisition for them since they built the Real-Time Payments Service in the U.S with The Clearing House, that settles $2 Trillion a day. One to watch.

: We’ll see the XRP use case revealed from them soon.

Love the quick questions, and even the faster answers. We all know that there have been changes recently, and as this Blog ALSO takes time, I did ask CryptoEri to revise one of her answers, although, I think, she answered, looking back, the MoneyGram question tremendously ....

: A wonderful opportunity for Ripple to demonstrate a business turn-around with the use of XRP.

Jumping to Japan as a country? What do you think about Japan concerning the crypto world?

: Japan wants to lead and is proud of the contribution to the space thus far, despite the three hacks. Failure is an excellent teacher.

As I have seen a lot of CryptoEri videos, I think the video Deep Dive CurrencyCloud was absolutely the bomb. How all the links were "deepdived", how long did it take you?


: Very nice it is one of your favourites, but I’m afraid to tell you how long it took me, so no answer :-)

Well, I will not dive deeper on that question, but in general, how many hours is ripple / xrp part of your day?

: At least six ours a day ....


Let's ask a little bit of fluff:

What is your favorite sport?

; To watch, baseball. To play, table-tennis.

Well, when we meet, I dare you .... with table-tennis ....

What is your favorite dish?
: I miss my Mom’s Taco’s. In Japan, it’s got to be sushi.

Who do you like the least from GAFA?

: I very much dislike their power, making the individual powerless. I also dislike my privacy being known, used and shared. This is why I’m trying to qualify to run a node for Elixxir. I want this project to be successful.

Who do you follow on ...

: The most valuable person for me on XRP is @twins_naoki He often is covering something I didn’t know.

: My list is a mile long. Literally. I sleep with an earphone, running through my list every night.
: My personal Crypto friends in Japan. Private.

Readers of this blog?
: The Zoo is also an amazing source. So much going on in the way of talent.

To finish the interview I would like to know what is going to be the Catalyst

: Retail investors feeling greedy.

Amazing interview, thank you CryptoEri to deepdive with us and showing us a little different "tapdancing" YouTube giant .... Interesting times ahead. We may have to wait a little on the US, that they get their regulations in place, but we all know that Japan has everything in place and let's see what June 2019 is going to bring: