I have thought a lot about “belief”. What does it mean to believe? How does it feel? Do we as humans have the habit of using the word too easily without the gravity that it deserves?

According to the Google experts the word is defined as:

*1: to consider to be true or honest, to accept the word or evidence of
2: to hold as an opinion *

I suspect none of these does our belief in XRP justice. I think the word closest to what we describe our belief with is “know”

Is what we know and what we believe the same thing? How does it affect our ability to keep holding? What do we base our belief on?

First we need to look at what do we know:

  • We know that XRP is geared towards solving a trillion dollar cross border transfer problem.
  • We know that XRP takes 4 seconds to settle.
  • We know that XRP is decentralized
  • We know that XRP is being used by strong companies with fantastic teams such as Ripple and Coil.
  • We know that Banks and other financial institutions are both testing and using XRP with XRapid very effectively already.
  • We know that XRP solves liquidity problems by eliminating the need for Nostro/Vostro accounts
  • We know that XRP is scalable and can handle the same amount of transactions as Visa already.

These are just some of the things that we know, amongst others. Yet, I see many people at this time post that their faith is wobbly, their belief is not that strong any longer or that they are struggling to keep holding.

For anybody who feels that way, remind yourself to build your belief on the fundamentals. Build your belief on what you know. Remember that there is a difference between price and value.

Let’s go back to the dictionary for a second:

**Price: **

The sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale.


Relative worth, utility, or importance

Looking at the current PRICE of XRP we might feel the flutters of worry deep down in our stomach. We might look at our Blockfolio’s and notice how much we are currently down with. But price is a fleeting number at this point in time. You need to remember that you have not lost until you sell.

If we look at the VALUE of XRP we get to look at what we know. It is defined by the substance XRP holds. And that is what gives us hope, strength to hold, and believe that we made the right decision.

When I used to be in sales, and once in a while hit a slump, my boss would remind me to “go back to basics”. This is what I still hold on to today. If things are not looking up and it gets hard to believe, go back to basics. Go back to what you know. Go back and look at the value of what you hold.

And then stop looking at the price. At least for a while. Especially if there are butterflies involved. They might turn out to be big black moths that makes you sell just before price starts catching up with value.