Unfortunately, we are still in an immature market where the majority of people want to become rich overnight and when they don't see price movements (increase), they feel bad, worried and complain about it. When there is a price surge, everyone is happy and everyone talks positive. But when a dip comes up then it becomes exactly the opposite with some people being desperate and even bashing the project/digital asset that have invested in. In short, the majority of people not only are impatient and immature (which represents the crypto market), but price-oriented in the short term. Fortunately, the majority of the XRP community is not like this and we can help to make the market more mature and more thoughtful.

Let's get real, who doesn't want a bull market all the time? Who doesn't want to become rich in no time? But that's not a realistic scenario in the world we live in. We already know that we are in an immature, unregulated, manipulated and volatile market and we can't do anything about it but keep contributing to the crypto and XRP community and keep having a healthy XRP ecosystem. There is no point on worrying and being anxious about the price. When it comes it will come. We can't change anything by worrying but only by contributing. And don't forget that it's not only on us, its up to adoption, regulations and what it comes along with it. By spreading facts and correct information, not misinformation and helping the XRP ecosystem, being us, being Ripple, Coil or every other company, WE create value for the long-term and when we create VALUE we have nothing to worry about. When something has VALUE and UTILITY it is just a matter of time until the price matches the value. Therefore, there is no point on being price-oriented in the short term. If you did your research right before putting any money, you knew that it was a long-term investment and you were putting money in a new market that anything could happen in the short term.
I think you know that XRP is the first one. Price can change (decrease) due to many factors and in general, due to the whole market reaction (bear market) by the time they are correlated, and thus not letting the price increase in the short term. But the value does not decrease unless we (the community and the companies) let it. By keep contributing to the ecosystem we keep increasing the value of the best digital asset and that's in everybody's interest for the long term. Because price without value is nothing, it is just a failure.

As i have said in the past: We already know that Ripple, its partners like SBI and Coil and the XRP community are doing a great work and all together we create use cases that are solving real problems and have utility which means that we keep increasing the value of XRP. Remember that, like now and the last months, the price will not always reflect the value of XRP but as the demand grows because of the utility and the usage then also the price will increase and will come closer and closer to its value. We must not concentrate in the short-term and on the price. Long term value is what we must aim for.