I can speak for both of us by saying the XRP Community means the world to Patty and I. We love helping others by nature and XRP has given us far more than an investment opportunity. It's given us many new friends across the globe and something to look forward to each and every day.

I'm continually amazed by the people in this great community. Some I've gotten to know in person and some have entrusted me with their real names, addresses and phone numbers. It's a shame many of us need to hide all of this but the crypto world is a dangerous place. Cyber Thugs are everywhere.

I'm writing this blog to open up myself to the community a little by sharing some things about the guy behind the keyboard.
I had a great life growing up in Western Mich. As a kid I had it all. Waterfront home, boats, cars, and all the material things a kid could want. With that came alcohol and drugs. My parents and grand parents were Bar & Restaurant owners. Growing up in that element had it's perks but by age 15 I was a full blown alcoholic & that was in a time when such a thing was taboo. 1972 to be exact. The 70's were both a fun time and a hard time to be a teenager. So many changes with Rock N Roll, Viet Nam, Hippies and Flower Children... a rebellious period. I was a rebel ! The good thing is I managed to accomplish some achievements such as becoming a competitive water skier. I was always a smart kid in school until around the 10th grade when I decided partying was more important. I later paid a big price for this but it made me who I am today. No regrets.

In 1984 at the age of 27 I started my little contracting business here in Upstate NY because it's all I had after burning so many bridges. I actually ended up in NY after being hired to drive a car up here from Fla in 1978 and I was in Fla because at the time that's where all the action was. It's not been easy and it still isn't. Contracting for home owners is a tough racket but it's all I have at this late stage in life. We are just average Joe's trying to make a living. We are not wealthy, In fact we struggle at times to make ends meet. Winters are especially rough and I always say I'd sell my kids to buy more XRP but in reality I may need to sell some XRP just to help pay the bills over the winter. And... I've not invested more than I can afford to lose because in my eyes I can't afford NOT to be invested. I always say... "It's All Good" (right Nordic Ann <:)

I am who I am because I put myself through the school of hard knocks. I've been sober going on 18 years. I know there's some community members who I've shared this with that are also sober or are struggling with it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I give it away freely because it may help someone and in turn that helps me. I'm here for anyone of you that may need help or just to talk. Please feel free to DM me.

XRP has brought us together and together we will see XRP change many lives. Be proud my fellow XRPCommunity members... WE ROCK!!!